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"The most redonkulously awesome Lizardman ever. Period." -Div

Get off my lawn.

Race: Lizardman
Age: 4,000+
Realm: Dur-Demarion
Started: Started '03
Unit: N/A
Weapon of Choice: Tepoztopilli & Tecpatl

Hailing from the harsh, sweltering jungles is the Lizardfolk known as Lob'o. Born in an ancient spawning pool on Athuax many centuries ago, the Skink Priest rose to infamy among Lizardman society. Blessed with the prophetic white hide, Lob'o quickly rose to become a great spiritual leader as one of the few Lizardfolk Priests. Though often seen as a radical and sometimes even a heretic by his fellow White Skinks, he is undoubtedly a highly respected addition to Lizardfolk society and has amassed a loyal following over the centuries with his Cult of Gems. He can often be found on the streets of Athuax veiled and preaching his ancient words to the often bewildered passersby. Despite his religious fervor and status as a Priest, Lob'o is also one of the first to answer the call of battle when his people are threatened. After learning that their homeland was under attack on multiple fronts, the Lizardfolk realized that expansion would be needed to secure their jungle home for centuries to come. The time had come to forge relationships with other races of the World, either mutual or bloody. A small band of the greatest Lizardfolk warriors was dispatched to this alien world, one not yet witnessed outside of their jungle homeland. This diplomatic trek was not without hardships, however, and many Lizardfolk died in the process. Among the survivors was Lob'o, who always kept faith that the mighty Sotek would lead them true. Making their way through the vast Elven forests, the sprawling Dwarven mountains, and the great Human plains, the Lizardfolk found no solace. Having tangled with Humans in the past, no trust was to be found there. Anyone that would ally themselves with these infidels was certainly no friend of the Lizardfolk either. All they had were each other...that is until they made their way to the far East...

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