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Fighter Name: Abel

Realm: Korayn

Current Local: Highlands of Chaos / Black Tundra/ Southern Idaho

Unit: Horde feral

House(s): House Valkyries

Fighting Styles: Sword and board / Florentine / Single Blue / spear

Fighting Since: March 2016

Race: Lizardfolk (formerly a Gnoll)

Previous Clan: Guttermaw

Real Name: Alexis


A Time of Loss

Eyes watching the stars that reflected back through, the glittering dance they would do every night. Abel, a young gnoll born into a clan with no name, she would often roam outside of her camp. The adventures she would seek when she went out, tonight was of no exception, guided by the stars as she walked farther outside the reaches she was a loud to. Her family stayed in the camp, she had thought to ask her sister, Dundee, to join her on her walk but decided to go out and explore for herself. She rested herself by a tree that bore no leaves and stared at the darkness of the night. Slowly the young gnoll drifted off to sleep, the thoughts of any danger leaving her mind as the darkness hugged her tightly and let her rest. When the sun had set itself high over the sky, finally she woke from her slumber that had held her so tightly the night before. A light breeze blew through her mane ruffling it, bringing a scent that the young gnoll had only smelt in small portions when her parents would return home from a hunt. The strong stench of blood. The young gnolls fur begun to stand on end; a feeling that something was not right filled her, bringing fear into her heart. Paws raced quickly across the soil, throwing small clouds of dirt behind her as she moved quickly back to her family’s camp. Looking upon the decimated camp, blood lay puddled, the food collected gone, and nowhere in sight did she see any signs of life. Taking slow steps forward, listening for any sounds. When she had ventured farther into the small camp, her heart raced the moment she saw the bodies of her parents lying torn and shredded. A battle they had not won had taken place here. Slowly she stepped back, tripping over something that dipped into the ground. Looking at what she tripped over the gnoll saw that it was an indent of a footprint. From what race she didn't know, but it was large, and it had scared her. Pushing herself from the ground and brushing the dirt from her hide she pushed forward. Small drops of red fell from small tufts of her fur as she continued walking. The blood from her nameless clan stained her skin and fur as she pushed forward.

The Village

Her paws dragged on the ground, creaking small dust trails behind her. Eyes staring tiredly forward, she watched as the sun had begin to set.

A loud yawn came from behind her. Glancing back at one of her companions, another gnoll she had met somewhere on her travels whose name she learned to be Dax, begun to look tired. Her eyes moved to the small brownie she had begun carrying with her.

The small brownie lounged tiredly in a small pouch made for him. Her eyes drifted back to the other gnoll. With a slight sigh, she stopped. Her eyes searching for a place they could all rest for their continued travels in the morning.

With tired eyes the larger of the two gnolls had spotted a small clearing, she made her towards it. Letting her fellow companion know to follow.

She stopped in the clearing, slowly removing the pouch from her side and laying it down next to a rock. The brownie didn't stir once, which brought a quiet chuckle from the spotted gnoll.

Her companion flopped down happily, panting as her tired eyes looked to the spotted gnoll before looking to the sky.

After a moment the other gnoll fell into a deep slumber leaving the spotted gnoll to sit in silence. Her aching legs suggested she should get rest, but something told her other wise as she looked at the two laying on the ground sleeping.

Quietly turning, the spotted gnoll went ahead, ignoring the call for sleep. A new curiosity had passed through her, urging her to keep walking. Although, she would not travel far from the two.

A quiet snapping sound brought her full attention ahead. Just past a hill a faint light gleamed, against the black of the sky.

The feeling for sleep left, along with the pain that numbed her legs. She raced up the hill, tripping once, before continuing. Once she had reached the top of the hill, her tongue dropped from her mouth.

In a moment though, the world seemed to stop. There before her poured a massive waterfall. As she watched the light bounce off the strokes of the pouring water she remembered what she had scaled the hill for.

Slowly, she edged her way down the hill. Her eyes never once leaving the small crackling fire ahead.

Once close enough, she stopped and looked around. In some areas stood broken down homes, in other areas looked renewed. But no where could her eyes find any signs of life.

With a frustrated sigh, she turned and begun the trek back to her companions. A small feeling of disappointment spread through her. From rumors she had heard from others tales, she had learned of the village.

She had learned how an unknown monster had made it their mission to rebuild the village that once stood under the falls.

Once she had reached the top of the hill, she looked back. With ears flattened smoothly back, she made her way down the hill. Back to her companions who were still resting. After a moment she to laid to rest. When the sun rose the next day, all three would investigate the village.


As the dawn came, so did the waking of the spotted gnoll. A yawn rose from her as she stood to stretch. Her two companions groaned when she tried to wake them.

The brownie she was not as worried about, for he could be carried in a pouch or upon her shoulder. With a push she rolled the other gnoll over. After another moment, they had woken and stood.

Tapping her hands impatiently the spotted gnoll stood with arms folded looking at the tired one.

Once she deemed the other to be well enough awake to walk she trekked on. Back towards the hill that hid the falls from view. Looking back to Dax, she had hoped that she would have heard the deep rumble of the falls. However, they only seemed to notice a small mouse scurrying across the dirt.

With a growl, she had brought the large maanhaars attention back to the hill. With a slight gesture to her ears and then to the hill. Dax caught on and listened, the roaring of the falls growing louder as they continued up the hill.

The small brownie begun to stir, awakened by the roars created from the falls. Once at the top, the group stopped and looked at the falls.

Her eyes looked back down to the partially destroyed village homes. For a moment, she thought that she had caught sight of movement.

Starting down the hill, Dax following after a moment of hesitation. Drawing her sword she became alert to her surroundings.

Quiet scuffling sounds drew her attention to the left. Her eyes caught sight if gashes from claws marks and indents from teeth embedded into fallen wood pieces.

As she neared, she noticed that the marks were on many other pieces as well.

Hazel colored eyes gleamed at her from a small distance away. Staring at the small group, slowly she had made her way towards the eyes. Aware that they to were moving closer to her.

Within a moment there stood another gnoll in front of them. Their war markings faded with time, although still young in looks.

Once the spotted gnoll realized that this other stood no great threat.

Dax edged close to this other gnoll. Drawing a snarl from the smaller gnoll whose marks mimicked their own.

With quick steps, she moved to stand in front of the other spotted gnoll. Lips pulled back in a snarl, warding the maanhaar off.

Once she deemed the other to be no large threat, her attention was pulled back to the other spotted gnoll.

Squinting slightly she looked as if she recognized the other but wasn't sure until the other broke into a large grin.

With a small gesture, the other spotted gnoll turned and wandered farther into the partially destroyed village.

The spotted gnoll and maanhaar followed, the small brownie grumbled with a slight hint of caution.

They walked for a mere couple of minutes before coming to a stop at some small huts set up amoungst the broken.

The other spotted gnoll, who she later learned names was Dundee, gestured to two of the huts. The maanhaar greatly accepted, having a large lack of sleep they had quickly fallen into the slumber.

The other spotted gnoll left after that. Leaving them to rest, she walked into the hut. Taking the pouch off and hanging it upon the wall. The brownie didnt seem to mind as she laid to rest.

Here is where Abel the spotted gnoll, would stay and build her life until her travels took her farther again.

With a quiet yawn, she closed her eyes. The thought of finding a new home brought a grin to her face.

Her home, The Village Under the Falls.

Other Information

This gnoll has a love for art and squeakers. Abel can be found around Dundee, her best friend and realm mate. This gnoll during Chaos Wars XX was named Attack Gnoll as joke. Then proceeded with Dundee to tackle many innocent Belegrim on a squeaked command. Abel also is known for doing the 'gnoll dance' which consists of rolling back and forth... on the ground or standing up I haven't figured out yet.

Events Attended

  • Chaos Wars 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Battle of Teutoberg Wald 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Highlands of Chaos Opener 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Battle of Anigawa 2016, 2018
  • Frozen Warriors 2016, 2017
  • Thaw Brawl 2016, 2017, 2018
  • War of the Forbidding 2016, 2017, 2018
  • War of Wrath 2017
  • Oktoberfest 2018
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