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Coat at Spring Wars 2019.

Name: Coat

Realm: Tir Asleen

Unit: Horde - Awakened Saturday, October 5th, Year of Mayhem at Oktoberfest 2019

Race: Red Lizardman

Fighting Since: Fall 2017

Favorite Weapon Style: Board and Bat

Events Attended

Totally Serious Lore

"Many, many years ago, when the universe was still young and drenched in blood, the mighty lizards ruled the planet of Kaab. They were vicious and unrelenting in their love of war, assaulting planet after planet after planet, until all feared their names and the whispers of their scales. It was in such an eon of terror and blood that the mighty lizards dragged back to Kaab their most recent victim, a humble pinkie baker of another planet. He was a large man, and tender of flesh, so the lizards abandoned him to one of the spawning pools to feed their newly hatched spawn. But the man was covered in flour and yeast, and in the life giving ooze of the spawning pool, life found a way that the fearsome lizards had not expected. In the depth of night, after the newly spawned lizard spawn had torn into the baker's flesh, rending him limb from limb until little remained but scraps of flesh and shards of bone, his blood mixed with the flour and yeast and life ooze within the spawning pool, and something... else began to rise. It was not until the fall of Kaab, when the lizards had fallen from their golden age and been scattered across the known realms that this spawning pool finished its greatest, and last work. In the depths of the night, growing from the depths rose a new lizard. But he was something... different. Long of limb and lanky of flesh, with luscious red scales that gleamed in the dim light, his hair was long and drenched in the ooze. He pulled himself from the spawning pool, and fell upon the nearby beach, hungry and gasping for air, and war. This new lizard stood and staggered across the caves until he came to the entrance, covered in new corpses. While the sight of the flesh aroused his hunger, the taste made him recoil. It was not what his young stomach craved. And so the lizard set upon his quest. He traveled to new realms in search of a food that would soothe his hunger. And along the way, he discovered the delicious feast of war.

But this war only soothed his instincts, it did not fulfill the hunger of his stomach. It was not until he stumbled across a village in the realm of pinkies that he found what would truly satisfy him in a way that war never could. For in the center in the Village of Coat, he discovered a bakery and the delicious delicacies that lay within. From there he found the true companion of his love of war, his love of bread, which was his destiny since before his moment of spawning. After slaying the inhabitants of the village and devouring what remained of their bread (dipped in their pinkie blood, as any self respecting lizard would do), the young lizard took for himself the name of the village, to ensure that he would never forget the moment that he truly found himself. Thus, the lizard Coat, lover of bread, was truly born."

--As told by Dashi

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