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Wankel Gang (Coat & Argent at Prelude 2021).
Best Boi Coat.

Name: Coat

Realm: Tir Asleen

Unit: Horde - Awakened Saturday, October 5th, Year of Mayhem at Oktoberfest 2019

Race: Red Lizardman

Fighting Since: Fall 2017

Favorite Weapon Style: Board and Bat

Events Attended

  • Polar Bear Brawl 2020,
  • Wreck the Halls 2018, 2020,
  • Battle For the Ring 2019, 2020, 2022,
  • Wolfpack Opener 2018, 2019, 2020,
  • Hybrasil Opener 2018,
  • Vulden Opener 2019,
  • Numenor Opener 2019, 2022,
  • Olympics 2022,
  • Spring Wars 2018, 2019,
  • SKBC 2019,
  • Melcaorme 2018, 2019,
  • Armageddon 2018, 2019, 2022,
  • Bear Brawl 2019, 2022,
  • Revenge of the Spiral 2019,
  • Rhun in June 2018, 2019,
  • Chaos Wars 2019,
  • Monster Mash 2017, 2018, 2019,
  • Prelude 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022,
  • Keep on the Borderlands 2019,
  • Oktoberfest 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022
  • Abraxas Closer 2019,
  • Eriador Halloween 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022,
  • Hybrasil Closer 2017,


  • "Totally doesn't suck" -Sir Fox (Armageddon 2022)


At the beginning of the Great War against the Daemons Coat was born in the spawning pools of Hexoatl and raised in the religious zeal of the city. The young Coat was raised like most other Lizardmen, being sent to 5 different households taking an apprenticeship role and assisting his tutor in their day to day. His first tutor was a White Lizardman who taught him about the Old Ones and the great plan. Coat's next mentor was a scholarly green Lizardwoman who educated him and taught him the history of the Lizardmen. The third tutor was a blue lizardman blacksmith who taught Coat how to craft arms and armor of masterwork quality. His Black Lizardwoman tutor taught him the art of deception and the element of surprise. Coats last tutor taught him to kill. Being a red Lizardman Coat felt a particular connection with Quetzl, the Ferocious and felt a calling to help protect his people and unleash the wrath of the Old Ones upon the Daemons. Wasting no time Coat rushed off to the heavily besieged city of Cuatilan.

When he arrived Coat found the city of Cuatilan in dire need of help. In the early days of the war the prideful Lizardmen believed that these invaders would be quickly defeated. Cuatilan was left to fend for itself for centuries and its defending forces had grown tired under the constant assault of the Daemons. The once helpful waygates were now pouring out endless ranks of attackers. Coat was quickly assigned to a group of Lizardmen defenders to help defend the city. With the help of the guard he successfully defended the city against countless assaults. Coat was a fast learner and he quickly gained the attention of his superiors because of his fighting prowess, eventually being tasked with guarding one of the two great temples of Cuatilan. Coat was in charge of the forces guarding the temple of Quetzl, and the battle-scarred hero Tizoc was his partner assigned to the protection of the other temple of Sotek. Tizoc was an exalted Red Saurus Lizardman who was crucial in the initial conquering of Kaab.

Both Coat and Tizoc would lend their troops to aid in the defense of the city. However eventually the walls would fall and the city was overrun. This cut the defenders off from supply routes leaving them trapped within the temples. Yet Coat and Tizoc did not give up, for they had prepared for this possibility, and the temples themselves were some of the most important buildings in the Cuatilan and thus heavily fortified. Whereas the armies of Chaos were endless their numbers meant nothing in the narrow entryway to the temples. Over the years numerous daemonic lieutenants attempted and failed to get past the Lizardmen line. With every wave of daemons brought with it enough scrap material to keep the Lizardmen defenders equipped and when they would get hungry they would feast upon the dead's flesh. Coat, Tizoc, and the Lizardmen army had the perfect setup to hold the armies of chaos at bay for decades, but it couldn't last forever as the armies of chaos were infinite.

Shortly before the temples fell the Daemonic general Razagoth itself marched upon the temples. Razagoth was a fearsome and cunning foe, striking at the walls of the temples creating a second entrance. Coat and Tizoc rushed to drive back the flankers and ultimately confronted Razagoth. Razagoth sundered Coats armor and killed Tizoc before it was forced to retreat by Coat and the remaining defenders. With his armor shattered and his peer defeated, Coat carefully crafted armor from Tizoc’s great scales. Forced to fight on two fronts it wasn’t long before the daemons broke through the flank and Coat was forced to change tactics.

Rather than be surrounded and slain, Coat decided to push forward with his soldiers into the waygate and attack whatever world the forces of chaos were coming from. Both Coat and his troops knew this was a one way trip as there was no hope of escaping the city. However the Lizardmen were strong and the promise of a glorious death revitalized them enough to battle their way to the nearest waygate. There was no stopping them as they charged forward and one by one were swallowed by the portal. However instead of getting transported to the daemon's homeworld Coat was instead flung through time and space to earth, arriving on the battlefields of Tir Asleen.

Stranded in this new world Coat now believes that the invasion of Kaab was part of Soteks great plan all along. To scatter the Lizardmen across countless worlds so that they could conquer those new worlds just as they did Kaab. Eager to prove himself once again Coat sprung at the opportunity. Coat could not do this alone though, he found great allies in the like minded red Lizardmen Darvax and Falkus nearby. In addition Coat joined the ranks of a wandering Horde of monsters. Until more Lizardmen arrive Coat zealously slaughters all who oppose him in both the kingdoms of monsters and men, laying the foundational groundwork for what will be another world brought to its knees by the Old Ones creations.

Fake stories about Coats origins

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