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Summer Squad: Darvax, Argent, Bellator, Coat, Ghost & Zera.
Prelude 2021

Name: Ghost

Mundane Name: Wouldnyouliketoknow

Realm: Tir Asleen

Unit: Unaffiliated

House: Valkyries

Race: Pixie

Fighting Since: Spring 2021

Favorite Weapon Style: Sword and Board

Events Attended

  • Prelude 2021
  • Eriador Halloween 2021
  • Battle for the Ring 2022
  • Numenor Opener 2022,
  • Olympics 2022,
  • Armageddon 2022,

Founder of the Moth Mob Armageddon ‘22


  • "Hasn't committed tax fraud recently" -Sweet (Armageddon 2022)
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