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(pronouced GooV)

Other Titles: Steward of Tir Asleen (2013-2015)
Race: Mountain Ork
Realm: Tir Asleen
Unit: Horde, former member of The Húskarlar
Weapons of Choice: Sword and Board
Fighting Since: October 2012

About: Gϋv looks to improve his skills and loves to fight. Also, a log shares his name. This log is known as the Lög. Gϋv was sponsored to Horde in February 2014 by Atman. Gϋv was awakened October 11th, Year of Blood at Oktoberfest 2014.

Lore: Güv was born in the mountains of his people, he learned to fight there and grew up to be strong. When he became big enough, he ventured out of the mountains of his birth to explore. Gϋv fought in a great battle between orcs and dwarves upon a glacier. Blood crazed and wild he fought without heed to the terrible shaking beneath his feet. Suddenly, the ice below him gave way and fell into the sea. He awoke adrift upon the ocean. With a tired dwarf named Argun. Gϋv fought the urge to kill the drawf where he stood, for if either moved the ice would tip over plunging them both into the sea. After some days he was picked up by a viking ship captained by Sigurd Amundson. With little choice Gϋv joined the pinkie war band and raided with them until they were ambushed and destroyed. Only four survivors walked away from the battle.

Events Attended:

idk, lots more in the middle

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