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Dee ogre at Armageddon 2011.

Name: Mekoot Kraylose (krAY-lohs)

Realm: Tir Asleen originally now a nomad of Eriador

Unit: Blood Valley Horde

Race: Ogre. Nomadic warrior and herdsman of the Blood Hills Tribe. Horde's mover of people and things.

Gods: Utezni, God of Earth/Agriculture and Uganggi, God of Fire/Destruction.

A fledgling shaman who has ability to dream walk into other monster's minds.

Likes to kill people with:
Anything with my shield anymore. Like to have the option to shield punch people if brutality is needed.


It bears a striking resemblance, don't y'all think so? :P
Kraylose Armored up.jpg

Events Attended:
Oktoberfest '07 (injured, couldn't fight)
Spring Wars '08 (first event fought at)
Oktoberfest '08
'Pack Opener '09
Spring War '09
Equinox '09
Oktoberfest '09
'Pack Opener '10
Spring War 2010
Melcaorme '10
Armageddon '10
Chaos Wars 14
Equinox '10
Oktoberfest '10
Wolfpack Opener '11
Spring Wars '11
Beltaine '11
Melcaorme '11
Armageddon '11
Chaos Wars XV
Oktoberfest '11
Rhun Closer '11
Wlfpack Opener '12
Western Wars IX
Armageddon '12
Rhun in June
Bear Blast '12
Chaos Wars 16
Oktoberfest '12
Rhun Closer '12
Battle for the Ring V
Wolfpack Opener '13
Spring Wars '13
Melcaorme '13
Armageddon '13
Bear Brawl
Chaos Wars 17
Oktoberfest '13
Spring Wars 2014
Chaos Wars 18 (Completed Mekoot trials and crossroads)
Oktoberfest 2014

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