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This page is a listing of the known accounts of the majikal eyes appearing within the world of Belegarth lore. These objects were created as a way to connect lore across races, similar to The Casting of Stones story.
The number of eyes is intentionally left vague, so if you would like to incorporate one into your races' lore, feel free to do so. -Galya



The 'Obellys are majikal eyes plucked from the head of a great spider of myth by a Khadine named Rashmish. It is said they hold powers to see what has been and what will be, but much is yet to be discovered. Without its eyes, fate is no longer in balance. Bad things happen to good people, some die young and others linger long in illness and misery. It is known that the Sons of Sylas have one of the eyes, the Night Goblyn tribe has another. Rumors abound that an Ogre tribe does as well. Several are unaccounted for, and only time will tell if or when they will ever surface again.

The Tale of Rashmish and the Fate-Spider (Goblynz)

There was a young goblin Khadine named Rashmish. She came across a group of goblins who had been beaten back numerous times by a great Elf King. At least 3 different times they had been beaten back. Rashmish sees that these goblyns are weaker than they should be, and suspects some sort of treachery. She declares that she will seek out this Elf King and break the curse that has been placed upon them. She rallies the Goblyns, and they ride on great spiders to the Elf King’s fortress. They dispatch the guards and the spiders carry them up and over the walls. Rashmish leads the way, but is stunned to find the elf king already dead. His body is laid out in state on a great table and his people whisper in hushed tones about it "being his time".

Rashmish is confused and furious. What does it mean it was his time? How dare this elf king die before she could kill him. In wrath she and the goblyns descend upon the mourners and slaughter the lot of them. However nothing is found which will break the curse. Every elf within the fortress is killed, and Rashmish notices that when they die their spirits are pulled away. As the last spirit leaves, she notices a barely visible thread. Rashmish jumps on her riding spider and tries to follow the soul so that she may find the soul of the elf king, and punish him for dying. She travels long, but loses the trail. Then Rashmish comes upon an idea, she will seek out the Elf King’s daughter who was not at the fortress. She will grab onto the soul and follow it that way. She seeks out a Witchdoctor who will give her the majik needed to do this. Once the spell is complete, she comes upon the elf in her sleep and quickly slays her. She grabs hold of the spirit, and the elf is shocked. "How have you done this", she asks, "it was not my time." Rashmish is so angry she nearly forgets, and lets go, but the soul is pulled, and Rashmish hangs on. The soul is distressed and tries to fight her off. The elf screams that it wasn’t her time, that it is not right. Rashmish screams in return, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN. Rashmish hangs on though. The soul gradually calms down and starts to lose its form, and they are pulled across the veil.

The soul itself becomes a string and Rashmish loses her grip, but not before being pulled into a great void where an enormous wooden spider sits spinning a mighty web with the strands. Rashmish sees souls coming in and being sent out, and the spider takes no notice of her. Rashmish is furious; she jumps on the spider and hacks at it, demanding it release the elf king’s soul to her. Though made of wood, Rashmish can do no damage to it. She turns to its face and tries to poke at its eyes, but the spider takes no notice, and no damage is seen. Rashmish is now beyond furious and tries to cut the web itself, but it too was indestructible. In a final act of rage and fury, Rashmish took her sword, and using all of her leverage she popped one of the spider’s eyes out of its socket. Laughing in triumph she did it to all the others as well. A great hush seemed to fall over the place, where before there had been a hum. The spider continued its work, but was now blinded. The once great tapestry of the web began to have errors and flaws in it. Some souls were pulled back nearly as quickly as they were sent out. Rashmish felt great eyes turn on her, and felt words form in her head. What have you done to my Obellys. You and your kind will pay dearly for what you have done. Already you fall before us.

Then Rashmish’s heart was filled with dread. She ran out of the void and upon crossing the veil she fell. Once in the mortal plane she found that as she grasped the eye that remained in her hand, she saw terrible visions. She saw that it was not the elf king who had cursed the goblyns, but Baulk himself who had betrayed them. She saw Neb’s soldiers fall, and then Neb himself. She saw Sifu’s fate and Skribbit ascend in rage. She saw what was to befall Reth. Nearly wracked with despair she hurried back to Reth, to give him the eye and prevent what she saw.

She came upon Reth putting on his armor, and demanded to see the other four Great Goblyns, so as to prevent the terrible visions. Reth just shook his head and said they were all gone. Rashmish was confused. She was not gone that long, but Reth tells her she has been gone much longer than she thinks. Rashmish is stunned, but tells him that she can at least prevent his fate. She told him about the eyes, but before she could tell him more, he stopped her. He smiled his typical, devilish grin as he put on his helm. He told her not to tell him what would happen, but that she should take the knowledge and do what was best for the goblyns. He said he had a plan to destroy those who would destroy the goblyns. Then he left with his army. Rashmish gathered some who would follow her, and led them deep into the caves, so as to wait out the coming storm. So was founded the Night Goblyns tribe.

The Raven's Eye (Ogres)

Uchronos as with all young ogres often wandered. Sometimes he and Una would wander together, sometimes it was just him and his ravens. This time he was alone. Utezni had been gone for several days, and his absence made Uganggi’s slights and loud jokes unbearable. Nor could he stand the way Una looked at Ugaingi and how she told him it was just a joke and to be merry as well. Ugaingi was always thus after a successful hunt, and his eyes narrowed in anger at the thought. Ucronos was far of sight and keen of hearing, and heard a great commotion up ahead. As silent as death, he crept up and witnessed something strange. He saw small green creatures speaking in a swift and biting tongue, and he saw taller paler creatures with sparkling eyes. They were unlike the animals in the valley, for they were aware, and spoke in different ways. However they were not spirits either. He watched as they fought bitterly, the tall ones seeming to try and flee with something. Neither side relented and soon all save 1 of the green ones had fallen. It appeared to be the leader, and wore a ragged strap over one shoulder. It went and retrieved a small object from one of the tall creatures, and as soon as its hand touched upon the object it turned to look in his direction. It screamed in rage and leapt with a strength and speed that did not match its size. Ucronos though was swifter still and with a precise slash of his knife the strange green creature fell, its blood pouring out upon the ground. He saw then keenly for the first time what the battle had been about. He saw a wooden orb, smooth and stained with blood. A single mark existed upon its center. Cautiously he touched it, and nothing happened. Then he gripped it in his hand, and again nothing happened. He would have abandoned it then, however, he heard new voices, and saw a large group of the pale creatures approach riding on the backs of animals he had not seen before. They shouted urgently and when they came upon the ruins of the battle they searched the bodies, both of their own kin and of the others. He heard one word that stood out in his mind Obellys. It felt like a word of power, and at the very least a word of great import. Ucronos quickly took cover and he soon realized that whatever the orb was, it was important to these tall pale ones. As soon as they were done searching the bodies, the large group pushed on ahead in presumably the same way the green ones had come from.

Ucronos then raced home, determined to learn the secrets of this Obellys. When he returned, he found that Utezni had returned as well, though now bearing a stone hand, and an understanding he had not had before. When Ucronos spoke of encountering the creatures, Utenzi nodded and warned the tribe of others as well. Though protected by the valley, the ways beyond the great mountains were not safe, and only those prepared for battle should ever go forth that way. He told Ucronos not worry about the orb, for it did not concern them. Ucronos then realized that Una was missing, and he immediately wanted to set out to find her, fearing for her safety. Utezni though held him back. “Our sister is not weak, nor a youngling to be corralled. Just as we go wandering so too does she, I feel to some greater purpose just as I have done. Ucronos, look to the tribe, we must make preparations. As the lands fill with more of those you have seen, the godless will seek to return to our protected valley. I will not stand to give them sanctuary of any kind. “You are the fastest, go with your ravens, and your swiftest bulls, find where they are that we may prevent the battle from occurring right on our border. Though still filled with worry over her, Ucronos did as he was asked.

Many events too numerous to account in one story occurred, many of which you all know. You know of Una’s encounter with the great serpant, and tortoise, You know of Ucronos stealing the knowledge of the forge from the dwarves, you know of Ugaingi’s nine victories, you know of the great deeds of strength and courage performed by the 4. All of these occurred and the Obellys’ power remained untapped. Its secrets remained hidden in favor of war and dominance. Ucronos, was clever and knew that Utezni was holding knowledge back. He was certain utezni held the key to unlocking the power of the orb, but everytime he asked, he was turned away and told such things did not concern them.

This would change one night as Una was binding Ugaingi’s wounds. Ugaingi angered at the stinging of the open flesh, and the chiding words of his sister, lashed out at Ucronos. He berated him for his lack of injury, and his lack of courage, always coming in quickly from behind stealing the kill cleanly without much danger to his own skin. Ugaingi banged on his chest and loudly declared that only by show of blood could Ucronos ever impress him. Una tried to intervene between the two, chastising Ugaingi for his outburst, but ucronos had had enough. He stood before the fire and with his knife he deftly cut out his own eye and threw it into the fire. “ There Ugaingi is your show of blood, have you the courage to do it too” and he offered Ugaingi the knife. Una screamed in horror, and slapped Ucronos. “ What have you done?” she implored. But Ucronos would not stand down. As the blood trailed down his face, he stared at his brother, who for once had no words or teasing jokes. Ugaingi sat down and stared in surprise and discontent at his brother, but remained silent. Una convinced ucronos to finally sit down and she tended to his wound. Once the bleeding had ceased she grasped his shoulders and asked why he had done it “ Ugaingi’s flesh will heal, but your eye is gone forever” she cried “ ”it may be so, Ucronos said, but if Utezni can create a hand from stone, so too may I gain new sight.” Una merely shook her head, “you know what he will say.” Ucronos then placed the newly bloodied Obellys in her hand. “Take this to Utezni” he said, perhaps he will not deny you as he does me, perhaps he will look upon my show of faith and reward me. Am I not too deserving of wisdom?” Una looked at Ucronos sadly and despairingly, but she complied, for she could not bear to leave him thus. She went to find Utezni, who could often be found sleeping under a tree apart from the other 3.

She approached purposefully, and told him of what had occurred around the fire, and what Ucronos had asked of him and her. Utezni shook his head. “Una” he chided “such things are not for us, we must look to our own gifts and not worry about the powers of others” said Utezni definitively. But Utezni” una said, her words taking on a wizened tone, “is it not with the powers of others that Ucronos has given us great weapons? Is it not with these weapons that we beat back those who would besiege us? Is not Ugaingi’s spear feared above all, are not my twin blades used in defense of our people, are not Ucronos’ knives used to silence scouts and others who seek to take us by surprise. Is not your axe used to hammer our foes back? You know how Ugaingi makes jokes against him, you know how his pride is often hurt. Please Utezni, do not deny me this. If ever you have cared about me, if ever I have meant something to you, let me help him regain what he has so foolishly thrown away. Let me help him before we lose him to despair. Perhaps he will find he no longer need care about Ugaingi’s jokes and jibes.” Utezni sighed as he looked at the bloodied orb. She went to wipe the blood off of it, but Utezni stopped her.

He looked closely at the Obellys. He could sense a power held deep within it, but not available to him. He closed his eyes and concentrated. He saw powerful runes appear before him, He took a blade and carved them in. It took all his strength, as the wood was hard as stone. As he carved, Ucronos’ blood filled the grooves and stained them red. As he carved, he felt a humming as the power within the eye surged forth. He held it in his stone hand which began to glow hot as he held the thing of power. Once done he handed it back to Una in a cloth and told her to cool it in the stream. It burned warm in her hands through the cloth, and utezni cautioned her not to touch it, as it was bound to Ucronos now, and only he could now handle it. She took it to the stream and while still in the cloth, she set it in the water. It hissed as the heat encountered to cold wetness, and everything around her seemed to freeze and go silent. When she removed the eye, she found it was now cool, and careful to keep the clot between her and the orb she dared to look upon it. Ucronos’ hand print was marked in red upon its surface that would not rub away. The runes remained bright red despite the bath, and the mark upon the center stood out bright in the moonlight.

She returned to find Ugaingi sleeping by the fire, and Ucronos waiting. She presented the Obellys to him, and watched as he smiling, grabbed hold of it, and placed it in his wounded socket. His head jolted slightly as his body adjusted to it, and he laughed as he realized he could see the fates of others. He looked at Una, and his face suddenly contorted, he then looked to Ugaingi and turned sober quickly averting his gaze. He then took the cloth she had carried it in, and covered the eye noting to a worried Una that he had given a great gift in return for his act, and left for his own bed. He clasped her hands as he left, and Una felt a shiver. Una just shook her head, and said a silent prayer that she had not made a grave mistake, while dark clouds started swirling above.

Even though the Obellys has resurfaced, do not fear my friends, Ucronos is not blind. For he is bound to the eye by blood. He can still see and sense the fates of ogres, and uses this artifact to achieve his own ends.

Orcaluz the Fated (Deep Ones)

SPLASH! Raw power had fallen into the murky depths of the ocean and the ancient lord Narlathotep had felt its pull.. it came time once again for the god to meddle with the lives of the mortals of earth, to craft their world as he sees fit..

And so it was, the last era had led to destruction this era had come to be ruled. A great tyrant who’s reign span across 5 or the seven seas. Orcaluz. This powerful creature had spent their life quenching a lust for power, decades of murder and despair, Orcaluz reigned supreme.

And still.. he wanted more.

It was at this time Orcaluz had been preparing an army to raid the next of the great seas, another mark in his list of territories. The army consisted of the strongest of the Deep One race, the most ferocious, and the most terrible. This should be a gentle current in Orcaluz campaign of power. And so it was..

Orcaluz led the troops through the ocean. Slaughtering all who stood in opposition. Pillaging the temples of the great mother Hydra. Destroying statues of the paragons of the eras of old. The sixth of the great seas lay in waste, and the progress of the deep ones was set back further.. and all for the thirst of Orcaluz.

Orcaluz and their generals gathered in the ravished halls of hydras temples, Feasting on the fruits of war, Celebrating slaughter and laughing in the faces of all gods but Dagon himself. It was then Orcaluz was greeted by a shrouded figure, a thin and meek creature. We stepped with strong determination up to the table where Orcaluz sat.

The figure was silent.

One of the generals shouted with disgust, "How dare you approach your new god without a word of greeting?! You foolish peasant, you and your land now belongs to Orcaluz, the terror of the seas!"

Orcaluz stood. For he knew that this was no common meeting. Orcaluz knew what true power was and he felt this in the frail figure.


-Orcaluz drew his blade to the throat of the general and in a clear display of freedom through power, the blade drew the life from the general with a quick cut.-

The rest of the generals quickly rose, none of them wanting the same fate as their colleague. They fled back to their posts.

The room now all but empty, Orcaluz waded through the room. They came close to the figure. Orcaluz spoke.

"Show your face. And explain your reasons for being here."

In a soft, raspy voice, the figure spoke clearly.

"I’m here for you. It’s time for you to do more.. so much more."

Orcaluz was baffled. The reign they had instilled was what defined strength in the oceans. Orcaluz was the pinnacle of success. What could this frail creature mean?


Years passed and Orcaluz now trusted the figure as an ally, more notably.. an Advisor. The advisor and Orcaluz were close, and Orcaluz trusted their word as law. It is because of this, Orcaluz’s Armies were scattered across the sea in search of a focus of power, an Item that the advisor had claimed would grant him the final sea. Orcaluz would finally have what he desired, complete dominion over the ocean blue.

For what seemed like ages Orcaluz scoured the depths. With such focus, he neglected to see his empire fall beneath him. His armies turned against themselves and Orcaluz was left with few followers. Orcaluz’s goal seemed lost and even they felt the time wasted.

And so it was, they waded through the darkest depths, just Orcaluz and his companion, lost but so close. As time passed they both grew anxious and tension built between the two. Orcaluz fed into his true nature, hate grew in his soul.

A curious creature appeared before them as they approached. A large clam covered in the marks of time, barnacles and algae spread across the great bivalve. This clam emanated with raw power the power that the advisor had sought. The power that Orcaluz would now to need reclaim his domain.

It was then the advisor came close to the clam. He raised his hand and whispered softly the language of old. The clam reluctantly opened its giant mouth.

An Orb lay before them. It was beautiful. Strange and archaic markings were imbedded into its surface. It was pearled in a dull white. The advisor reached out to claim it and as soon as they had it in their grasp, still images of Orcaluz in the form of an all powerful beast flashed before their eyes. It was terrifying. These stills quickly turned into a glimpse of a new reality.

Orcaluz stood before the advisor. Towering over them. Orcaluz’s fury knew no bounds, for all there was, was a thirst for destruction. Furious. Orcaluz raised their mighty hand and obliterated the advisor. Crushing them and any trace of their existence.

The advisor was terrified. “How could Orcaluz us kill them? How could the advisor defend themselves against such a creature?"

Orcaluz was overjoyed. Things were all coming together, he would at last claim the tools of destruction.

“Give me that Orb! It’s mine!”

Reluctant. The terrified advisor displayed the orb in front of him. Orcaluz quickly snatched it from their feeble hand. And with the exchange, he saw a glimpse into the future.

Orcaluz stood with the orb in their hands. The advisor stood with his blade drawn. Quickly they thrusted the blade into Orcaluz, and he fell silently to the ground. Dead.

The glimpse of the future came true just as soon as it was seen. Orcaluz fell. Dead. The advisor had won.. or so it was thought.

You see, Dagon can see the Deep Ones of great power.. he raises them. And he raised orcas. Orcaluz became a great monster of the sea. But what Dagon may not have expected was that Orcaluz fused with the great power of the orb and he grew more powerful than anyone could have imagined.

Orcaluz stood towering over the advisor..
and with one arm he crushed their killer..

Orcaluz.. LIVES!

The Isle of Wind and Bone (Tengu)

Ages ago, before it was known as the Isle of Wind and Bone, the home of the Tengu was a paradise. Across the island, colossal, ancient, trees pierced the sky, surrounding a great volcano. The trees provided for the Tengu all that could be desired. From their mighty limbs bright, succulent fruits hung in abundance for all to enjoy. Their vast, chambered boles provided shelter from the elements and held pools of sweet nectar to quench thirst. It was this place, the land among the heavens, where the Tengu prospered. For the Tengu life among the trees was simple and untroubled. They had nothing to fear. Perched high in their kingdom, the ground below seemed like a figment. Days were spent pruning in the sun, feasting on fruit and nectar, and fluttering among the expansive of their paradise. Come nightfall many would rest with in the abundant boughs that dotted the trees, while others would sing soulfully amongst the starlit branches. It was truly a time of peace.

Among the many Tengu there was one who was more curious than the others. Rather than lazing about like his brethren he would often wander far and below, determined to see what mysteries lie below the treetops. This Tengu’s name was Pell. While no one can recall his true appearance, one feature was prominent: his piercing golden eyes, always looking down, towards the unknown.

One day Pell set off on a grand excursion through the trees. His aim? To reach the roots no Tengu had dared to dream of. Had he known the outcome of his actions that day, perhaps he would have opted to celebrate with his friends. Perhaps not. He travelled for days on end, slowly scaling down the forest as the branches were far too thick to allow for flight. He pressed on and the ground slowly approaching.

Finally the day had arrived, Pell became the first Tengu to ever set foot up the earth. Amongts the magnificent roots of his home was where he found a single wooden seed, buried just below the base of the tree. The sphere was like nothing he had ever encountered, deep and mysterious, thrumming with a strange energy. He hastily grabbed the seed and placed it in his pouch. That night Pell gazed at the sphere under the light of the stars, its mystique enthralling him. Hours passed like seconds, and soon the sun had risen. Pell had not even realized that he had been staring at the seed all night. The seed would remain at his side for the rest of his life. What Pell would never learn was that this wooden seed he had grown so curious of was an eye of Obellys.

As the weeks went by Pell began slowly became more and more attune to the energy emitted by the eye. Eventually he became able to unconsciously feel the presence of the eye. It wasn’t long after that Pell began to have visions. Each time, he would feel the continuous thrum weaken, only for a moment. It was in these instants that Pell would see things. Instantaneous at first, he would see quick flashes of a great black mass. Sometimes he could perceive them as taking the form of a wing or a talon or a beak. These images would disappear as quickly as they came and would often leave Pell pondering their meaning.

Pell continued to have these flashes for an entire year, until one day the sphere ceased to thrum entirely. And then Pell was plunged into darkness. When he came to, Pell was standing beneath a colossal bird. At first Pell thought that the bird was enveloping the sky due to its massive size, but upon further inspection he realized that the bird was the sky itself. Stars and galaxies shone upon its feathery surface. Beyond the form of the enormous bird there was absolutely nothing. It wasn’t before long that Pell realized this gargantuan bird was expanding, outward, each moment its form expanded further and further replacing the void with its awesome wings. Up to this point Pell had never shown the eye to any other Tengu. Pell’s vision blurred and he found himself standing at another scene: A horrific battlefield, Tengu pitted against Tengu, the bodies of his brethren strewn about, and above them all, a great black bird pecking at their souls as if it were seed.

Over the course of the year Pell continued to have these visions in which this giant bird would swallow the souls of the Tengu whole and expand in size. He surmised that it was feeding on the souls for strength and had taken to calling it the Great Devourer. For every death Pell witnessed, his heart sank and he became fearful. For the first time in his life Pell was terrified of the unknown and of death. At this point Pell had no interest in exploring, opting to stay safely within the boughs of the trees. Every waking moment, Pell’s golden eyes would flit back and forth, endlessly searching for what would cause his demise.

Pell’s final vision was the death of a Tengu warrior, sprawled out on the the blood soaked ground, surrounded by haze of smoke and ash. Pell could barely make out the sound of the Tengu’s labored breathing over the roar of battle. As Pell watched, the suffering Tengu let out one final ragged gasp as his soul was snapped up by the great devourer. However, unlike countless times before, the great devourer did not expand. It shuddered and, pulling its massive wings inward, it regurgitated this Tengu’s soul onto the mortal plane, losing a piece of itself in the process. The soul, now enveloped in the essence of the great devourer settled onto the mortal plan in the shape of an egg, waiting to hatch. Pell had seen the path that he must take.

Pell abandoned his life of leisure in the trees and set off for the ground below. Before long he had become a master of the earth, hunting the terrorbirds that roamed the land for food and hewing away the flesh of his once beloved home to make his shelter. In this time Pell grew strong and his heart had steeled. He had finally gained the strength to save his people.

Saddled with treasures from the ground and the muscle he had gained, Pell could no longer fly. With his newfound strength he reached the treetop with little effort. However once there he realized the height and frailty of the branches of the trees would not accommodate his weight and size for long. This place could no longer be his home. Even more determined now, Pell cawed out to his people, preaching of the wonders of the ground and all the bounties it offered.

Many of the Tengu were intrigued at the thought of this fanciful land but only a handful were willing to follow Pell at first. There were a number of Tengu who were willing to give Pell a chance. They believed they could simply return to the treetop if Pell’s lifestyle didn’t suit them. Pell refrained from revealing he had lost his ability to fly. As time passed Tengu continued to visit the ground, and some even chose to stay with Pell. As a result a new flock was born. They called themselves the Stone Talons and the original flock were now known as the Wind Wings. For a time life was prosperous and both flocks lived in quiet cooperation. But Pell knew that for the sake of his race, this peace could not last.

As the Stone Talons grew in size they continued to take more and more wood from the great forest. Eventually the Wind Wings began to notice and demanded the Stone Talons stop the deforestation. Pell couldn’t let this happen; he need his people to prosper and become strong. He offered an alternative: Join the Stone Talons on the ground and reunify their flocks as one. He argued that there was much more prosperity on the ground and that the resources were seemingly endless. The Wind Wings declined. Tensions rose between the two tribes as the Stone Talons prospered, trade dwindled and interactions between the flocks were hostile.

It wasn’t long before violence broke out between the two tribes. The Wind Walkers, fed up with the deforestation, planned to lay in wait for the Stone Talons and ambush them from above. The goal was to drive the Stone Talons out of the area surrounding the forest and kill a few as a message. The Wind Wings had no idea how strong the Stone Talons had become. There were no survivors. Pell had learned of the attempted ambush and, pleased by how powerful his flock had become, but feared for his people if the ambushes continued. It wasn’t long before reached a decision: The Wind Wings would join the Stone Talons or they would have to perish. It wasn’t an easy choice, attacking his brethren, but he believed their continued resistance would doom them all. So Pell climbed to the Treetops one final time to issue his ultimatum. It wasn’t long before the war began. It was at this time that the Stone Talons came to be known as the War Wings.

The War Wings had one goal: convert or destroy any and all Wind Walkers. Pell believed this would be a simple enough task given that the Wind Walkers were much frailer and not accustomed to fighting. Unfortunately for Pell what the Wind Wings lacked in to strength they made up for in ingenuity and deceit. Ambushes from the air, poisoning of food and water, and even burning sections of their beloved forest to trap the War Wings, all of these tactics were employed by the Wind Walkers. Pell was taken aback at the ferocity and strength of will these Tengu had displayed. The War Wings and the Wind Walkers clashed over and over again, countless lives lost on both sides. All for the sake of maintaining their respective livelihoods.

This war would last decades, and eventually Pell grew old. But his golden eyes stayed sharp until his dying day. Driven by the unbending will, Pell was determined that he would save his people. He believed the only solution was to crush the Wind Walkers so that his people may live in unity and gather strength to defeat the god he'd seen so long ago. It was only near the end of his life that he realized that he was the one who had torn the Tengu apart, was the cause of the violent deaths that the Eye of Obellys had shown him. And he wept. There was only one one thing Pell could think to do. The Eye of Obellys was the catalyst for all of the pain he caused. With it Pell had condemned his people to a terrible fate. He would not allow that to happen again.

Pell climbed the summit of the great volcano, passing through the dead trees that had once surrounded it. The journey took all of Pell’s strength to complete, and this would be place of his death. Climbing higher and higher Pell reflected on the memories and dreams he had in his youth of a perfect unified world where everyone lived in harmony. He questioned whether he had been right to shatter the harmony of the original flock in defiance of a spiteful god. Was there no such thing as a perfect existence? Should he have accepted his fate and lived peacefully among the trees, only to be swallowed into nothing? In the end it didn’t matter, for Pell knew his time in this world was coming to a close. He approached the rim of the volcano with the Eye in hand and took one long look at the war torn land he had created. Clutching the eye Pell leaped into the volcano, his last thoughts of the world he failed to create.

As Pell turned to ash, something curious happened. The Eye started glowing and the volcano began to awaken. The earth began to shake as ash and fire exploded forth, blanket the ground and blotting out the sky. The warring Tengu fled the calamity and were scattered across the isle as a result. Smoke and fire filled the land for what felt like months. When the eruption had subsided, the world was desolate and covered in ash. War had ended and the result of the volcanic even had left a world filled with even greater struggles to be had. The surviving Tengu rose from their hiding places and attempted to rebuild, isolated from their brethren in small sects. This was the founding of the flocks that are known today. Pell created a world full of chaos, but what he left behind was the strength to survive.

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