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Witchdokta in ancient times.
Witchdoktors sacrifice a maiden to complete dee March of Evil at Oktoberfest 2019.

Witchdoctors be grate part of Goblyn society. Dey be storytellers, majik-wielders an' often leeders of tribes. But in dee current Age, der be very few troo Witchdoctors left, an' so dey be held in higher regard den evar before.

Within Belegarth, the purpose of the witchdoctors is to ensure the preservation of the history and lore of the goblyns that has been created by those in the game. All those who wish to attain this honor must apprentice to a current Witchdoctor and go through a series of requirements (including a story-telling trial) to achieve their goal.

The known requirements include:

  • Be Goblyn (i.e. be green at every event for a full year)
  • Make a piece of unique Goblyn garb (usually a cloak or trenchcoat)
  • Make your own unique witchdoktor staff
  • Create a unique Goblyn story and tell it
  • The Witchdoctor Vigil. At the end of their year, the apprentice must speak about goblyns and goblyn-lore for one hour uninterrupted. This can include stories as well as general facts and information about goblyns, and must include one story that no one has ever heard before. The vigil is overseen by another witchdoctor, and is given to a fire-lit, probably drunk crowd.

A witchdoctor can be identified by the witchdoctor stripe, a streak of red paint down the forehead and nose that they wear to honor Sifu, the first witchdoctor who stole her power from our mother Pissran.

Witchdoktor Bloodline


After these Goblyns passed their Vigils, it was decided that in order to limit the number of Goblyns seeking their Witchdoktorate, apprentices would no longer be taken by individual Witchdoktors, but by a Cabal or collective of them, based on geographical Region.

Eastern Cabal

Western Cabal


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