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Kord Drawn by Archive the Mad Monk
Kord Sempai.jpg
Kazi and Kord scheming

Fighting Name: Dokta Warmaster Kordavin T. Goblynz WM. WD. LLC.

Race: Night Goblyn
Realm: Ancient Wharf
House: RedSquad
Forever of the Jagged West Coast - Blood Moon Bay
Fighting since: 2010

Witchdokter- Witchdoktad at Battle for the Ring 2017 by Witchdokta Salamander
Witchdokta Bloodline

  • Skrade Wormwood The First

Warmaster- Warmastered at Battle for the Ring 2017 by Hakan Shattered-Spear
Warmaster Bloodline

Fucking Freud of the Science Alliance
The Mane

Da Sands of Time come an go, find da stories and watch them fade away again. Da only constant is change.

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