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Out of nowhere three more gods appeared. They were the three brothers, Marjack the oldest and grumpiest, Gruumsh the most temperamental, and Dagon the...well...he was just there. At first Melashekhaad would not let any of the other gods create but Marjack finally wore him down and he and his two brothers were given the power to create creatures. But the three brother had very different ways to make their creatures. Marjack was given the ability to create creatures only by adding his own essence. To Gruumush, Melashekhaad gave the ability to spit out life essence. And to Dagon, the youngest and the most (what they considered) useless god, was given the ability to create from the very essence of all life.

When Melashekhaad gave all the other gods the ability to create creatures they threw a party to celebrate. Dagon was the most indifferent of the young gods, and did not really care about being able to create life. He liked to just relax and do nothing. But when Melashekhaad gave the others their abilities, he decided to join them in their revelry. As the youngest, Dagon was always picked on and bossed around so he held some resentment for his brothers. At the party, they had a rock throwing competition and made him throw first. The rocks would determine where on the earth they would start their creations. Dagon didn't really want to throw, but he haphazardly chucked a rock and it landed in the sea. The other gods laughed and derided him because he couldn't even hit the land. As the others threw, Dagon decided to trick them. The youngest god covered Marjack's eyes and made him hit the desert. With Gruumush, he slapped his elbow causing him to hit the swamps. The other gods were furious, and drove Dagon away to the sea.

While the young god had not really given this creation thing much thought, the derision of his brothers was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He shifted and became the most devious, clever, and vengeful of the gods. Empowered with Melashekhaad’s gift...shit was about to get real.

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