Orcaluz the Fated

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Orcaluz the Fated


Raw power had fallen into the murky depths of the ocean and the ancient lord Narlathotep had felt its pull.. it came time once again for the god to mettle with the lives of the mortals of earth, to craft their world as he sees fit..

And so it was, the last era had led to destruction this era had come to be ruled. A great tyrant who’s reign span across 5 or the seven seas. Orcaluz. This powerful creature had spent their life quenching a lust for power, decades of murder and despair, Orcaluz reigned supreme.

And still.. he wanted more.

It was at this time Orcaluz had been preparing an army to raid the next of the great seas, another mark in his list of territories. The army consisted of the strongest of the Deep One race, the most ferocious, and the most terrible. This should be a gentle current in Orcaluz campaign of power. And so it was..

Orcaluz led the troops through the ocean. Slaughtering all who stood in opposition.
Pillaging the temples of the great mother Hydra. Destroying statues of the paragons of the eras of old. The sixth of the great seas lay in waste, and the progress of the deep ones was set back further.. and all for the thirst of Orcaluz.

Orcaluz and their generals gathered in the ravished halls of hydras temples, Feasting on the fruits of war, Celebrating slaughter and laughing in the faces of all gods but Dagon himself. It was then Orcaluz was greeted by a shrouded figure, a thin and meek creature. We stepped with strong determination upto the table where Orcaluz sat.

The figure was silent.

One of the generals shouted with disgust "How dare you approach your new god without a word of greeting?! You foolish peasant, you and your land now belongs to Orcaluz, the terror of the seas!"

Orcaluz stood.

For he knew that this was no common meeting. Orcaluz knew what true power was and he felt this in the frail figure.


-Orcaluz drew his blade to the throat of the general and in a clear display of freedom through power, the blade drew the life from the general with a quick cut.-

The rest of the generals quickly rose, none of them wanting the same fate as their colleague. They fled back to their posts.

The room now all but empty, Orcaluz waded through the room. They came close to the figure. Orcaluz spoke.

"Show your face. And explain your reasons for being here."

In a soft, raspy voice, the figure spoke clearly.

"I’m here for you. It’s time for you to do more.. so much more."

Orcaluz was baffled. The reign they had instilled was what defined strength in the oceans. Orcaluz was the pinnacle of success. What could this frail creature mean?

Years passed and Orcaluz now trusted the figure as an ally, more notably.. an Advisor. The advisor and Orcaluz were close, and Orcaluz trusted their word as law.

It is because of this Orcaluz’s Armies scattered across the sea in search of a focus of power, an Item that the advisor had claimed would grant him the final sea. Orcaluz would finally have what he desired, complete dominion over the ocean blue.

For what seemed like ages Orcaluz scoured the depths. With such focus he neglected to see his empire fall beneath him, his armies turned against themselves and Orcaluz was left with few followers. Orcaluz’s goal seemed lost and even they felt the time wasted.

And so it was, they waded through the darkest depths, just Orcaluz and his companion, lost but so close. As time passed they both grew anxious and tension built between the two. Orcaluz fed into his true nature, hate grew in his soul.

A curious creature has appeared before them as they approached. A large clam covered in the marks of time, barnacles and algae spread across the great bivalve. This clam emanated with raw power the power that the advisor had sought. The power that Orcaluz would now to need reclaim his domain.

It was then the advisor came close to the clam. He raised his hand and whispered softly the language of old.

The clam reluctantly opened its giant mouth.

An Orb lay before them. It was beautiful. Strange and archaic markings were imbedded into its surface. It was pearled in a dull white. The advisor reached out to claim it and as soon as they had it in their grasp, still images of Orcaluz in the form of an all powerful beast flashed before their eyes. It was terrifying. These stills quickly turned into a glimpse of a new reality.

Orcaluz stood before the advisor. Towering over them. Orcaluz’s fury knew no bounds, for all there was, was a thirst for destruction. Furious. Orcaluz raised their mighty hand and obliterated the advisor. Crushing them and any trace of their existence.

The advisor was terrified. “How could Orcaluz us kill them? How could the advisor defend themselves against such a creature?"

Orcaluz was overjoyed. Things were all coming together, he would at last claim the tools of destruction.

“Give me that Orb! It’s mine!”

Reluctant. The terrified advisor displayed the orb in front of him. Orcaluz quickly snatched it from their feeble hand. And with the exchange, he saw a glimpse into the future.

Orcaluz stood with the orb in their hands. The advisor stood with his blade drawn. Quickly they thrusted the blade into Orcaluz, and he fell silently to the ground. Dead.

The glimpse of the future came true just as soon as it was seen. Orcaluz fell. Dead. The advisor had won.. or so it was thought.

You see, Dagon can see the Deep Ones of great power.. he raises them. And he raised orcas. Orcaluz became a great monster of the sea. But what Dagon may not have expected was that Orcaluz fused with the great power of the orb and he grew more powerful than anyone could have imagined.

Orcaluz stood towering over the advisor..
and with one arm he crushed their killer..

Orcaluz.. LIVES!

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