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  • Una, U'na: Goddess of water, change, revitalization, fertility, and healing. The Lady of the Sea. She is the dual-natured one. As such she also has aspects of death, punishment, madness, nurturing, chaos, rebirth, and understanding.

She first learned healing arts from the Lake and River Spirits. Una was the only daughter of Uron and was both gentle and fierce. Even Uganggi could be taken aback by her anger. She preferred the sound of water more than of battle but still admired Uganggi's prowess over all and often bound his wounds. She would run on the battlefield relaying information, guarding the injured, and watching the back. She fought with two swords, and was a flurry of speed and ferocity. Una loved Uganggi, but unfortunately Uganggi did not return her love. In an incident that led to Marbanog’s conception Una was greatly grieved, and this may have been what caused Uchronos to kill Uganggi. During the great fire, she protected the tribe at great cost to herself. After both brothers died, and Marbanog was born, Una returned. She and Utezni created a staff from the Uteik and she became a shaman. She also had a Daughter named Onna. She struggled to cope with her brothers' death, until finally during a powerful storm, she was cast from the cliff and died. Her soul remains in the waters which can bring life and death so easily. Her staff is now in the possession of Ghanima, a Shaman of Una. She seeks to mend the rift between the brothers. Sacrifices to Una are scattered into a moving body of water.

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