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Frith in winter kit. Photo Credit: Jo Myers
Frith wearing a bird costume. Photo Credit: ??
Frith in a squire costume... looking for a glove... or eavesdropping on some monsters. Photo Credit: Don
Frith fighting Elyas. Photo Credit: Coop
Frith fighting Argent. Photo Credit: Hideshi

Name: Frith

Realm: Tir Asleen

Unit: Elite Bloodfalcons

Race: Gallifreyan

Fighting Since: Went to my first Belegarth practice in the fall of 2015, but I have been 'fighting' for as long as I can remember!

Favorite Weapon Style: Prefer Board and Bat or sword and board, and many fear my downstick. However, I'de like to think I could kill you with any weapon style... at least once... maybe... and anything I can kill you with is my favorite!

Larpy RP introduction:

I go by Frith, and I’m beginning to realize I might be Gallifreyan in origin.

I trust in the flow of time and space to take me to the places I need to go. I often end up somewhere in the vicinity of friends, and a good fight. I recently reunited with a friend of my past: my ship.... Or... well... ambulance... though the ambulance blew up so its a van now, I guess. It is a bit complicated... Anyway, since reuniting with her, my memories of other times and places have been trickling back: My first home is an alien planet with the a burnt orange sky framed by silver-leafed trees. I remember laying upon the red grass waiting for the second sun to rise in the south. Gallifrey.

As beautiful as my home was, I wanted more. I had a need to travel! I, following the legend of another before me, stole a time machine and ran away. I planned to return it to the moment I took it, hoping those I stole it from would never know the difference. However, after transporting me to this strange realm of fantasy and history, it seems to have gotten stuck. I can no longer travel through time. Additionally, the rudimentary shape shifting of the ship is also malfunction and seems to be stuck in a single form, which is conveniently that of a 1994 Ambulance. This, thankfully, means travel is still quite possible. It also makes for a nice home, though the inside is not as spacious as I remember...

Until recently, I had been believing myself to be human, as that matches my outward appearance. However, vague memories of a distant land, a certain knack I have in writing in a strange circular script, and my undeniably strange heartbeat, had always kept me wondering if that was correct. Now, with the memories coming back to me in a more tangible way, I think I may have a name for my kind. I think I may be a Gallifreyan, or a ‘Time Lords,’ as they are sometimes referred to.

As I continue my wandering, perhaps I will stumble across your path!

Events Attended:

  • Oktoberfest '15, '16, '17, '18, '19 '22 '23
  • Armageddon '16, '17, '18 ‘19 '22'23
  • Spring War '17,'18, ‘19 '20
  • Chaos Wars '16, '18, '19 '20 '22 '23
  • Melcaorme '17 ‘19 '23
  • Beltaine '18, ‘19 '22
  • equinox ‘18 '23
  • Battle For The Ring '18, '19 '20 '23
  • KGC '18, 19'
  • Take your Hitsmas '18
  • Battle of Anigawa '19
  • Fools Raid '19
  • Monster Mash '16 '17 '23
  • Bear Brawl ‘16, '17, '19
  • Wreck the Halls '16, '17, '18
  • Wolfpack Opener '17, '18
  • Highlands of Chaos Opener '19 '20 '23
  • Dur Demarion Home opener '19
  • Abraxis closer '18
  • Field day (Tir Asleen) '15, '16, '17
  • Prelude (Tir Asleen) '15, '16, '17, '19
  • Halloween Event (Tir Asleen) '15, '16, '17, '18 '19
  • War- dag ‘18, '19
  • Winter War- dag '18
  • Olympics- dag '19
  • Spring war- amt '19
  • MAME- amt '17
  • Keep- amt ‘18, '19
  • Chronicles of hearthshire- dag '21
  • Amtgard Midreigns: Iron Hold '21, Iron Mountains '21
  • battle of bywater '22

Realms Invaded (or attended practice at)

Other stuff about Frith

  • Is a former queen (student president) of Tir Asleen
  • Is a Squire to Sir Chimera, Knight of Muxlovia
  • Is a birdy :3 The red and black kind.
  • Enjoys murdering more than just fellow belegrim (Cross-games Dag, Amt, SCA, and DR)
  • Is a proficient gallifreyan scribe (can write in circles). Yes! I take commissions!
  • is now a full time gallifreyan scribe, and is often a vendor at events.
  • Has a strange fascination with algae (and other small plant-like things)
  • Likes long walks on the beach
  • Is forbidden to dance.
  • Is the first (and only) lady bird to pass the EBF 2nd test.... and third!
  • used to live in an ambulance. WeeeWoooWeeeWooo. but then it blew up
  • keeps tearing her ACL. Has torn it 3 times already.

The feisty, ferocious, frolicking Frith will always be more frivolous than chivalrous!

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