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Andúril's Symbol
Fighters at Practice
The People of Andúril

Basic Info

Realm Name: Andúril, or "The Flame of the West"

Location: Irvine, CA

Founded: founded March 2008 by Anastasia of Chamonix.

Contact: Use our Facebook page Our Official UCI Website is:



2020 Officers

  • President William Lee Wisp
  • Vice president Seraphim Telepnebsky Karzak
  • Treasurer Mayra Ceja Lopez Sparrow
  • Field Master Devon-Michael Wilson Karps
  • Quarter Master Devon-Michael Wilson Karps
  • Master of Culture Erik Federwisch Beetle

Newcomers are welcome regardless of experience. Adults will have to sign a waiver. Anyone under the age of 18 must bring a parent or guardian.

All participants must agree to abide by the rules set forth in the Book of War.

Participants must also agree to conduct themselves in a safe and respectful manner, and to play responsibly.

We Host Anduril's Battle for The Ring. This years 4-day event had 760 people who signed in. Thanks everyone who came for making it such a huge success!

2020Meeting Schedule

    • we are currently not hosting in-person practices due to Covid-19.You can find social events posted on our Facebook.

Friday: 3:00-5:30 at Aldrich Park in UCI

Aldrich Park, Irvine, CA 92697

Sunday: 3:00-5:30 at Aldrich Park in UCI

Aldrich Park, Irvine, CA 92697

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