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Jump to: navigation, search Where: Prado Regional Park When: Friday, January 13, 2012 at 1:30pm until Monday, January 16, 2012 at 1:30pm
What: "Battle of the Ring IV" Camping Event
Who: Everyone, Belegarth, Dagorhir, Amtgard, Darkon
Why: To fight lots of people
How much: $30 at the door, $20 Pre-reg by January 1st: Paypal to, or mail cash/check to Anduril C/O "Ana Nagel" at 521 South Lyon St. Unit #22, Santa Ana, CA, 92701.

Loaner Weapons available, newb friendly! Tell ranger you are with the event in GROUP CAMPING. Follow the road to the back of the park.




Battle for the Ring IV, hosted by the Realms and Chapters of California, is a four-day camping event over MLK weekend, with 3 days of official fighting . We expect hundreds of fighters from across the country, and are focused on growing the sport by introducing new and cross-sport fighters to the national Belegarth community.

Registration: Registration costs $30 at the door, or $20 through pre-registration. To Pre-Reg, send $20 through Paypal to, or mail a check to Anduril C/O "Ana Nagel" at 521 South Lyon St. Unit #22, Santa Ana, CA, 92701. Please make the checks out to "Ana Nagel." Make sure to include your real and fighting name so we can add you to the list, and print out and bring along a copy of your Paypal confirmation email. These fees go to pay for the site, insurance, feast, prizes, and etc.

Waivers: will be required to play. Under 18 will need either a guardian present to sign with them or we will need a notarized waiver with guardian's signature. A link to that waiver will be available soon.

Fighting: Official heralded fighting Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, all day Sunday. Unofficial fighting Friday morning and Monday all day. We will feature massive field battles, theme battles, tournaments with prizes, and etc.

Camping: Camps sites open at 1:30pm on Friday, January 13th and close at 1:30pm on Monday, January 16th. A limited number of spaces are available Thursday and Monday night for those who need to come early/stay late, contact Anastasia at for arrangements.

Facilities: This site features indoor toilets, working showers, and a washer/dryer for clothes ( shower and washer/dryer require quarters, available at check-in desk).

Game Nights: BFR IV will feature a nightly Dragon's Inn, an indoor Game Room featuring board games, collectible card games (especially MTG), tabletop RPGs, and the like. If you have any decks, boardgames, or one-shots you'd like to run, bring them along. Contact Brian if you have any questions.

Meals: There will be a main Feast on Saturday night. There will also be three smaller meals: a potluck dinner on Friday, a pancake breakfast on Sunday morning, and a Sunday Sunday Bar (ice cream etc.) on Sunday night (which will coincide with the Awards Ceremony for tournaments etc.).

Rideshare: We've put together a map for people to offer and look for rides to the event. If you are willing to give people a ride, please add your information to the page at and message Jason Lord Black if you have any questions.

Mission Statement: The sport of Medieval fighting has gained a great deal of national recognition in recent years, yet we continue to divide ourselves into small, secluded groups, keeping us from presenting a united face to the world at large. We believe that our sport is larger than we think; and although some of us prefer heavier or lighter combat, more or less roleplaying, and so forth, we believe there is more that unites us than divides us.

The primary goal of Battle for the Ring is to provide an intense and excellent fighting and social experience to our experienced and returning fighters. At the same time, we hope to use Battle for the Ring to introduce new fighters who have never been to a national event, as well as cross-sport fighters who are interested in our method of play, to the national Belegarth community. We are dedicated to creating an enjoyable and educational experience for new fighters, fostering unity and good relations across sports, and ultimately creating a friendly, mutually supportive community through which the sport of Medieval Combat can grow in strength, popularity, and fame.

Please contact with any questions or to let us know you are coming over.

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