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Sir Anastasia of Chamonix (aka) Shield Maiden graduated from Grinnell College in 2005. A die-hard sword-board fanatic, she is happiest when rolling over gimps and successfully dodging arrows. She is always busy running her new realm Andúril at the University of California Irvine. Recently, she was married in the first Belegarth wedding event. Below, she is seen with the groom, Brian Marion, aka Golem, also a member originally from Chamonix.

Sir Anastasia's Heraldry
Field Day 2008: Grinnell, IA
Anastasia and her husband at Wedageddon.

Sir Anastasia of Chamonix

Also Shield Maiden

Real Name: Ana

Realm: Andúril

Units: Wardens

House Valkyries

House White Lotus

Started Fighting: 2001

Heroically Knighted: 2013 by Sir Par

Orginal Realm: Chamonix 2001-2005

Co-founded and Empress of Andúril, the Capitol of the Great Andúril Empire

Co-foundeder and Lead Event Coordinator of Battle for the Ring

Co-Founder of The Order of the Western Flame

Weapon styles: Sword and Shield, Spear, Archery

Interesting Facts

  • Order of the Shining Tower
  • Grateful BMCS Scholarship Award Winner 2012 - Sponsored by Barley
  • Not the worst sword and board fighter
  • BMCS has given me all of my friends, my husband, and my purpose in life
  • Loves Starbucks, Elwrath, and Shino
  • Is grateful to anyone who serves the BMCS community
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