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Cedar Falls, IA.


A member of Eriador.

Total Members (guesstimate): approx. 30-40

Typical # at weekly practice: approx. 15-20

Units that fight weekly:

Realm Officers/Triumverate:


  • Tuesdays at 6-8pm, Saturdays 1-4pm
  • Lawther field, UNI


Nan Belegorn, which means "Valley of the Mighty Trees," was founded as a foam fighting realm largely through the efforts of Xipher (Matt Stephenson) and Hellfire (Brian Jensen). Hellfire was Nan Belegorn's first king, and Xipher managed most organizational duties. Today, he has moved on to become founder and declared king of Tir Asleen, a foam fighting realm in Ames, Iowa. When Xipher left, Bhakdar, then Alcon (Peter Erickson), took over organization of the realm, and eventually Kingship. Bhakdar resigned his throne in the summer of 2002 to establish a new government and because he moved to Tir Asleen for college in the Fall of 2002. The realm has gone through several leadership changes over the previous years, but the core group of veterans has remained largely the same.

The realm went on hiatus until August of 2013, and leadership was restructured from a Kingship to Council format, summarizing the duties of the former positions and re-distributing them among 3 or 5 equal council members.

Today, Nan Belegorn is very active in national politics and is currently home to one of the members of the Belegarth Board of Directors: the Webmaster.

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