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Xipher finally being knighted by Sir Calarn at Oktoberfest 2010.
Ser's heraldry.jpg

Name: Ser Xipher the Oakheart (pronounced 'zy-fer')

Realm(s): Tir Asleen, formerly of Nan Belegorn

Fighting Since: 1999


  • Started fighting in Cedar Falls, Iowa in 1999 while in high school. Contributed significantly to the creation of Nan Belegorn before moving to Ames, Iowa for college.
  • At Iowa State University, formed Tir Asleen with the help of a few friends. Served as president of the student club for several years and as an informal leader since.
  • Was heroically knighted for his service to Belegarth in Iowa and to the game as a whole at Oktoberfest 2010 and became the first Knight of Eriador and only the second person in Iowa to gain knighthood.
  • In further recognition, Sir Par awarded Xipher the honor of becoming a member of the Order of the Shining Tower, a newly-created service award dedicated to those who have made great contributions in the area of realm-building. When compiling the list, Xipher was an obvious choice.
  • In 2014, launched the Kingdoms of Belegarth national scenario campaign to encourage travel and completion between local realms.

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