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War Council decisions in 2014

This list includes all changes passed by War Council during the four voting periods of the year (March, June, September & December)

Officer Elections for the Next Year (2015)

Realm Status Changes

Book of War changes in 2014

  • Change to 3.8.2.
    • 3.8.2. A half draw or throw for Class 4 Weapons under a range of 20 feet is required.

By-Laws changes in 2014

  • Addition to Article 6

6.1.6. Public Relations Coordinator

  • Will be the main point of contact for all organization-level media coverage and manage all social media channels officially associated with Belegarth Medieval Combat Society, http://www.belegarth.com and http://www.geddon.org
  • Will compile analytic data associated with these social media channels.
  • Will be the chief person in overseeing propagation of official Belegarth-related content, including, but not limited to: blogs, instructional videos, press releases, images, promotional materials, documentaries, and newspaper/magazine articles (printed or electronic), to be posted on the website and across all social media channels.
  • Will be the primary point of contact for new realms.
  • Will, in conjunction with the Webmaster, promote the ease of access to BMCS on both the website and social media channels.
  • Will, in conjunction with the Webmaster, ensure BMCS follows website, social media and search engine optimization best practices.
  • Will, in conjunction with the Webmaster, be responsible for compilation and analysis of web traffic analytics.

National Events of 2014

People who were knighted in 2014

There's more, but I never remember.

People who started fighting in 2014

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