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Realm History

Thunder Guard is a realm located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. It was created in the spring of 2006. Thunder Guard was the first Canadian belegarth Realm. Thunder Guard gained speaking rights to the War Council in 2008 and became the first non-US Elder Voting Realm on October 1st 2011. Thunder Guard is one of the founding realms of the Northern alliance. We had two local units; The Carrion Crusade, The Order of the Rose. As of 2012 both local units have been disbanded due to lack of members. We also formerly had The Tyro Division which was a fighting group for youth aged 8 to 15. In 2012 we disbanded the division and now allow anyone ages 14+ to fight given that they understand the rules and take their hits. We have had up to 100 members during the winter months because of the local university and we currently range between 20-35 members during the summer months.

Practice Information

  • From May until October (barring any weather problems and the state of the parks)
  • Practices are held every Wednesday and Saturday from 6:00pm-Dark.
  • You will find us at Hillcrest Park on Wednesday.
  • On Saturday, you can find us at Vickers Park.

Please note that ALL weapons will be checked at each practice.

We are not sure if we will have an indoor season this winter. We will keep you posted!

Realm Leadership


President: Trash
Vice President: Zuko
Treasurer: Vacant


Presidents: Dragoon Antoinette Finnrdottir the Moosewitch, Master Senechal, Akroth, Mekoot Kodite
Vice Presidents: Akroth, Xaiver, Hippo, Apteryx, Tonks, Trash
Treasurers: Xaiver, Lyudamyla, Esalvapar, Runa, Treebore

Units Represented In Thunder Guard


Active Members with Geddon Profiles

Active Members without Geddon Profiles

  • Jumbles
  • Ratbag
  • Fish
  • Runa
  • Hematite
  • Mitz
  • Yzak
  • Pins
  • Derrs

Former or Inactive Members With Profiles

Former or Inactive Members Without Profiles

  • Bappy
  • Dane
  • Carlito
  • Francois
  • Joey
  • Quackberry
  • Spatter
  • Shane
  • Faulconer
  • Other Doug
  • Harmony
  • Andrea
  • Mac
  • Will
  • Liam
  • Monkey Stick
  • Malart
  • Glass (Not to be mistaken for Sir Glass of Numenor)
  • Raven

Honorary Members

Media Coverage:

Thunder Guard Photo Gallery

Where You Can Find Us Online

Warriors of Thunder Guard on Facebook

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