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The Northern Alliance is an army composed of fighters from various northern realms and units. This alliance fights together at larger events where members of the army are in attendance. The Northern Alliance has been most prominent at Oktoberfest, having been present at the event in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Also present at Spring War and Melcorma 2014.


The Northern Alliance started when Thunder Guard and The Frozen North met while attending Oktoberfest 2007. The two realms decided to band together in order to be a more formidable fighting force on the field. The result was quite effective with the group taking and defending the castle several times.

Oktoberfest 2008 was a similar experience with Thunder Guard, Order of the Eternal Flame and Frozen North once again teaming up. Using the strategy of a "whole wheat diet" they clashed with many big name units such as Black Company and the Horde.

Oktoberfest 2009 was more fun and chaos when the NA added members of Niflheim and Nan Nehelduin and decided to charge House Dregoth from across the entire field.

Oktoberfest 2010 the Northern Alliance was a little short on numbers but continued their tradition of charging groups much bigger then themselves.

Oktoberfest 2011 the Northern Alliance was out in full force. Their numbers reached around twenty-two fighters, if not a handful more. They continued charging units and realms much larger than them and using the time honored tradition of the war cry as they ran into battle! They were joined in some battles by members of Templar Draconis Kestevara and Sand Plains. Notable chargers this year included House Dregoth, Clan of the Hydra, Rogue Company, Black Company and Numenor. This year they added the realms of Malkier, The Fort, and Sand Plains. Realms that were present at this event included Thunder Guard, Frozen North, Order of the Eternal Flame, Niflheim, and Malkier. Sand Plains was present but not officaly a part of the Northern Alliance until after Oktoberfest.

After the historic Snowball V(2011), in which we had the highest attendance (37) of any Snowball to date we added the realm of Knights of the Steel Wall. This brings our total realm membership to nine. We started as a small force and have grown into a army of many.


The Northern Alliance hopes to have a symbol so it can outfit its loose membership with belt flags (or something to that effect). We are in the process of deciding and should have one shortly folks!

Realms of the Northern Alliance

Thunder Guard-Founding Realm-Joined 2007
Frozen North/Osgiliath-Founding Realm-Joined 2007
Order of the Eternal Flame-Joined 2008
Niflheim-Joined 2009
Nan Nehelduin-Joined 2009
Malkier-Joined 2011
The Fort-Joined 2011
Sand Plains- Joined 2011
Knights of the Steel Wall- Joined 2011


Northern Alliance at Oktoberfest 2009
Left to Right: Chiron, Saudy, Sunman, Spath, Fafhrd, Dralle, NaCl, Xavier, and Graven

If you are a member or were a member of the realms that make up The Northern Alliance, please add yourself to this list.

Northern Alliance at Snowball V
Left to Right:Knights of the Steel Wall, Malkier, Thunder Guard,Niflheim, Frozen North/Ogsgiliath,

Northern Alliance at Oktoberfest 2011 Photo By: Ellie Apland
Left to Right: Fafhrd, Graven, Tyrimas, Ru-Su, Jackie, and Kodite

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