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Name: Xavier

Mundane Name: Taylor Peck

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Realm: Thunder Guard

Units: Clan of the Hydra

Army: Northern alliance

Fighting Styles: Sword and Board, Polearm, Red

Events Attended: Oktoberfest 2007, Oktoberfest 2008, Frostoberfest 2009, Oktoberfest 2011 Phoenix Rising 2009, Snowball III, Snowball V, Armageddon IX , Armageddon XI ,Giants Awakening I, Giants Awakening II, Rhun Closer 2010 Wolfpack Opener 2011 Spring Wars 2011, Dunharrow KCG 2013

Xavier started fighting in the spring of 2006 and was around for the birth of Thunder Guard. He attends practice on a regular basis and was a member of the council as well as the event planner for a season or so. After a brief Hiatus he has returned full force and is now the vice-president of the realm. He is also a foamsmith who hopes to improve his skill. He is always looking for someone to kick his ass and give him pointers!

Character Background: Under Construction

Xavier and Tyrimas holding their ground
Xavier fighting at Oktoberfest with his favorite (and only) spear, Leopold
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