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Syrus kiling some stupid Grik when they not looking

Name: Shah Syrus qi N'Grah Skaanas

Human Alter Ego: Cody Ruth

Realm: Horse Grave (Goblin lands of Bone Knife, Dun Abhon to Grik)

Race: Goblin

Fighting since: 1994, returned to sport after long hiatus in 2005

Favorite weapons: Axe, Rock, Dagger, or short Florentine.

History: Syrus came from a Goblin tribe called Mad River. In ages past, this tribe facing extinction allied with other tribes to form the Bone Knife War Tribe. After the death of his mentor, the Shaman Bloodrock, he took up the banner as the trbal shaman. Long held in disdain by the tribe, he was called "Fahth-Shah", or "little shaman." Proving himself in the ways of the Gods to his tribe, and in the ways of Combat to the Horde, He has proven himself and is not only the Shaman of Bone Knife, but a warrior of the Horde. He was one of the Goblins fighting in the battles that came to give the Goblin lands that the pinkskins call Dun Abhon: Horse Grave. He now fights alongside Starfish (Water Goblin), and Jose da Goblin as the last warriors of the Bone Knife tribe, and the Horde of Horse Grave.

His arch-enemy is the Dread Knight Sir Osis.

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