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Many Ages Ago Long Before Me Even Know When, ME Come Out east Road From Great Mountin. Me Decended From Great War Hero. Him Become War Hero In Long Forgoting Time. Story Goes He Fighting Great Orc Invasion Of Old And Honored Mountin Name Of Great Mountin Was KickTac. During War With Orc Me Anster Was Helping To Defend Great Hall Of Words And Thinking. Him Slay Many Orcs And Was Shot Through Eye With Arrow, But Before He Die He Kill Two Orc That Get Into Great Hall. Him Is Shown Respect In Family Every Year In end Of Hot Days Begin Of Cold Nights. And Also It Said That Great Warriors Like Him IS Sent To Gereat Army Ranks Of Scribget God Of Our Warriors. And So To Find The Glroy OF Family Me Leave To Become Great Warriorand aJoin Great Anstor. And Me Follow Greater Brothers who Do Same As ME In Honor OF Him. That How And Why Me Here With Bone Knife Me Not Show Til After Orc Cause Me Not Stay If Orc Stil There But Me Fight Against All Enmy OF Friends.

A translation for those of you who do not speak Goblenglish:

Many ages ago, long before I even know when, I came from the east, from Great Mountain. I am descended from a great war hero. He became a hero in a time long forgotten. The legend is that he was fighting against the Great Orc Invasion of our Old and Honored Mountain. The name of our Great Mountain was KickTac. During the war with the Orcs, My ancestor was helping to defend the Great Hall of Words and Thinking. He Slayed many Orcs and was shot through the eye with an arrow, but before he died, he killed two Orcs that got into the Great Hall. He is shown respect in my old tribe, and by me every year when the days grow cool and the nights grow cold. It is also said that great warriors like him are sent to join the Great Army of Scribbet, God of Rage and Warriors. And so, to find the glory for my Tribe, I Left to become a great warrior and join my Ancestor. I now follow my greater breathren who fight as I do, in honor of him. That is how, and why, I am here with Bone Knife. I did not come until after the Orc Ammox had left, because I would not stay while the Orc was still there, but now I fight against all enemies of my allies.

On a further note, Jose is a worrior of Horse Grave Horde.

Part of Team Ken is a Douche Bag

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