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A rock is a piece of open cell foam that is thrown by hand. A rock only does damage if it hits the Head of a target, killing them instantly.


1.4.9. Class 5 Weapons have a minimum diameter of 4 inches and are constructed entirely of foam, cloth and tape (coreless). Class 5 (Head only missile) cause 1 hit of Injury to an unarmored Head area. A Class 5 Weapon striking an Armored portion of the Head area causes no injury.

Rock Construction

They are made entirely of foam with a cover. Most call them a ball in a sock. Little to no tape involved.
How To Check for Safety.

Rocks in Belegarth

It is stated that they require no skill and are entirely ineffective, though some hardcore folk have experienced otherwise. They are known to bruise only egos and make the "Hardcore" people upset. It is rumored that there are a few fighters that dare to be different and fight with just these. But they are highly skilled, and a few and far between.

Rocks can be a great surprise weapon, especially held in the cover of a shield where your opponent doesn't even know you have it. Mostly they are used as a taunt-kill though. A common phrase heard after a rock-kill is "REALLY? REALLY?? a ROCK???"

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