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In Belegarth there are a wide variety of fighting styles which adds individual flavor and culture to the game, as well making the game a truly extreme level of the classic rock, paper, scissors.

There are tons of variations to these styles with such objects as a buckler, a javelin, a dagger, a stabbing tip on your sword, rocks, a shield on your back, a crossbow, pure grappling, and even exotic weapons like axes and tridents.

There is a lot of useful information available to new and veteran fighters alike. However, in order to grow as a fighter you will need to seek out more help. There are two great ways to get better as a fighter. The first is to attend lots of events with experienced fighters in attendance. Seek them out on the field and engage them. You will probably die often, but if you learn how they killed you it is worth it. Most fighters are very friendly and would be happy to show you how they killed you if you ask. This leads into the second best way to become a better fighter. Sparring better fighters will help you develop attacks and defenses that you would not otherwise learn. If you have experienced fighters in your home realm talk with them about how to get better but if you do not have anyone significantly better than yourself at home you should take full advantage of experienced fighters at events you attend by asking them to spar with you!

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