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The Horde Commanders

Current Commanders

High General Izareth Voldranai ak ni Rered Naw
Commander Jesus
Commander Ju'Dekei
Commander Puck
Commander Dalany
Commander Quinn
Commander Daggar

Former Commanders

Commander Mordeth
Commander Koom Di' Puts
Commander Juicer
Commander Ryno
Commander Spike
Commander Galya
Commander Gekko
Commander Ursyne
Commander Drayko
Commander Ghyll
Commander Rotten
Commander Bowser
Commander Kodite

The Army Of The Horde is led by the High General Izareth Voldranai ak ni Rered Naw . And over the years its ranks have swelled to amazing numbers. The Strong fist of the Horde no longer resides just in the Dead River. The Fist of power has reached out its long arm to far out reaches. Izareth in his brilliance decided that the horde was so large that he needed strong voices to assist him in leading the Great Army of the Horde to Victory. He looked out at his army stretch far and wide. He then looked back at the vast numbers that were growing around him. He then took at the Monsters closest to him. He watched them for many battles. He watched for cunning, leadership, strength, Tactics, all the things that he felt a Commander would need to help him lead his Armies. He then came up with a way to bring his new commanders up to power.

A Group of Monsters Is like a fist flying. A section of the Horde backed with a Commander turns that flying fist into someone gettin shanked.
~Random Member of Blood Fist

Many Think that Power is take. Many Think That Power is Earned.
In the case of the Commander both are True. Izareth knew this and so he made it so.
To become a commander you must prove that you can lead. You have to step up and be known. Use tactics, lead the Monsters around you to victory.
Izareth, also knew that anyone can step forward and try to lead. Once a commander it is no longer your blood, but the Body, blood, soul, and HON'R of the Horde. To become a Commander not only do you have to show leadership, but those you lead have to be willing to follow. That is Why each commander has his two trusted warriors.

The Ceremony

Once it is decreed that a Member of the Horde is to step forward into Comanderdom, the ceremony is soon to follow.

  1. The soon to Be commander steps forward and kneels.
  2. The Commanders before pass their judgment by stating why the Monster is there. Good and Bad.
  3. The Trusted Warriors then step forward and tell why they follow this newly appointed commander.
  4. The Trusted Warriors then cut themselves, pouring their blood into the cerimonial bowl.
  5. The trusted warriors then annoint their Trusted Commander with Their blood
  6. This Represents Their blood is on the Commanders Shoulders.
  7. The new commander then stands and states his peace.

This is how the Horde Commanders recieve their command.

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