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"Dat's MY flag!"


Race: Grassy Gnoll
Clan: RainRot
Realm: Pyke
Unit: Horde
- Barreled at Chaos Wars XVIII, in the Year of Blood.
- Became Commander at Battle For the Ring VII, in the Year of Mayhem.

Pokemon Drinking Game

  • -Score: 4
  • -Favorite Starter: Squirtle

Knighted: Sir Fin' Safari of the Knights of Wildwood
Member of: Blackwater and Pulverizer Pavlov of the Science Alliance

About: Daggar was originally introduced to Belegarth by Aizen of Andor. He took to the sport and joined Sandspire as a fighter, then quickly rose to the rank of Officer. Within his first year of Belegarth, he attended Chaos Wars XV, TBA III, Judgement I, and Battle of Sword Coast II. With the closing of Sandspire, he has become a dedicated member of Blackwater, and coleader of the province Splinter. He saw Horde at Chaos Wars XV and expressed interest, fighting with Giggles and Puck at Battle for the Ring. After sadly missing Chaos XVII, he was barreled into Horde at Chaos XVIII, in the year of Blood.

Personal Symbol

Can be found slinking amongst Horde at events and was at first mistaken for Puck by several members. Both are small, shifty, and dress alike; it was confusing.

Daggar is often just as content to lounge on the sidelines as he is to be in combat. Friendliest with a drink in his claws. Amateur liquormancer and bard. Switchy lefty righty trickster.

Lore: As a Gnoll pup born to an Unwelcome One of the RainRot clan, Daggar learned an early respect for magickz. While it has always held an allure to him, at an early age, he found himself increasingly interested in more martial pursuits. There is always a good use for hexes and potions, but a trusty (and rusty!) blade can often be more satisfying. To satiate his ever increasing lust for combat, he left his clan to become a mercenary. His travels took him across the seas, and to distant lands, where he furthered his killing technique. An unfortunate assignment led him to the lands of north Mexico, where he was believed to be killed on a bounty hunt. His body was unceremoniously cast into a murky, polluted mire, where mysterious forces acted upon the fallen creature, and he found himself climbing back out from his swampy grave. His only memory of the circumstance was a golden figure, whose words echoed in his ears. "Regroup", the voice called. He then returned to the path of a hired blade without much regard to the cryptic circumstances surrounding his resurrection. Somewhere in his wretched, shambling travels, he fell in with a new mercenary company by the name of Blackwater.

After a year of assembling and commanding the monsters along the Ash Coast, Daggar felt a terrible affliction begin to wrack his mind. He traveled north, to the Burning Mountain, in search of his blood-brother, the Kobold Commander Puck, to learn more of the strange dreams that overcame him nightly. Now deep in the forests of the Burning Mountain, he wanders, until he finds what he is looking for.


He's often spotted in the company of other gnolls.
His name is phonetic, so there's no concrete spelling. Daggar is of questionable literacy.
He is afraid of the vacuum cleaner.
Possibly the laziest Gnoll.
Definitely does not need a bath.
Definitely does not.
He's sometimes called "the Coward of the Ash Coast".
Founder of the Squeaks-4-Treats Initiative.™
Creator of the card game Yekket

Fighting Style: Florentine, Lefty S&B Downstick
Fighting Since: Late 2010

Daggar Gallary

Daggar and Puck
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