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Cardback for Yekket

Yekket is a two-player strategy card game designed for and by Belegrim. Created by Daggar in 2018, with art from Troll it was originally designed as a monster game, but came to be played by Belegrim in general.

It is played with a deck of 18 cards, either against another deck of 18 or split into two randomized piles of 9. Cards come in six different sizes [Smallest-Smaller-Small-Large-Larger-Largest] and three different suits [Birds-Teeth-Stones]. Each player begins the game with a full hand of 9 or 18 cards, depending on whether they're playing single or deck vs deck. Both players play a card face down, then simultaneously reveal their card. The winner of each round is determined by several factors. Large cards [Large-Larger-Largest] always beat small [Small-Smaller-Smallest] cards. If both cards are large, or both cards are small, the suit determines the winner. Rocks break Teeth. Teeth chew Birds. Birds eat Stones. If both cards are large or both cards are small, and the suit is the same, the larger card wins. I.e. Small cards beat smallest cards.

Tournaments and other events have been held at Armageddon, Battle for the Ring, and War of Wrath.

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