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Hyoo-Manz use diz word sometimez. It meen... uhhh .. not quite sure wat dee 'litteruhl' translation be, but it like, majik word to some pinkies. Dey fall under itz spell.

For Example:
Say yoor unit be outnumbered, 2 vs more than 2.
Since wee hav masturred de Pinky languages, yoo say to 1 Hyoo-Man, "Hey-yahh...Mornin! HON'R?"
And dey be like, 'Let me brake away from dee safety of my unit and fight yoo all by myself. Dat seem like dee best idea'.
And den yoo and your friends kill him.
Repeet until HorDe win!

Hyoo-Manz talk about how grate HON'R is. It amazing. Dey so simpul mided, but somehow, I tink dey got dis one right.


Old Orcs uh da Severed Ear know hon'r, dis mean kleep, or foolish, dumb, etc.

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