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*Blooded - [[Aeschere]], [[Ashera]], [[Atman]], [[Bar'tok]], [[Dalany]], [[Darvax]], [[Dashi]], [[Div]], [[Dundee]], [[Falkus]], [[Gadget]], [[Galya]], [[Ghanima]], [[Ghyll]], [[Gorlock]], [[Gretchen]], [[Jesus]], [[Kazi]], [[Kraylose]], [[Kodite]], [[Qutar]], [[Raxis]], [[Ribs]], [[Rowan]], [[Stilts]], [[Sweet]], [[Tova]], [[Vengar]], [[Vo]]
*Blooded - [[Aeschere]], [[Ashera]], [[Atman]], [[Bar'tok]], [[Dalany]], [[Darvax]], [[Div]], [[Dundee]], [[Falkus]], [[Gadget]], [[Galya]], [[Ghanima]], [[Ghyll]], [[Gorlock]], [[Gretchen]], [[Jesus]], [[Kazi]], [[Kraylose]], [[Kodite]], [[Qutar]], [[Raxis]], [[Ribs]], [[Rowan]], [[Stilts]], [[Sweet]], [[Tova]], [[Vengar]], [[Vo]]
*Ferals - [[Braizen]], [[Coat]], [[Vault]], [[Vorago]]
*Ferals - [[Braizen]], [[Coat]], [[Dashi]], [[Vault]], [[Vorago]]

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[edit] Melcaorme Five-0

Melcaorme is back, and this time, we're going tropical. Break out your coconuts and Hawaiian shirts (legal garb for this event only).

Date: May 16th-19th, 2019
Location: Tosanak Recreational Area, Marble Rock, Iowa

  • Thursday: $35
  • Friday: $30
  • Saturday: $25
  • Day trip: $10
  • $5 discount for Pre-Registration

Estimated Attendance: 90 awesome people!

[edit] Event Coordinators

Head Coordinator: Cian
Head Troll: div
Head of Security: Rowan
Head Weapons Checker: Braizen
Head Herald: Vengar
Tournament Coordinator: Jesus
Hype Ork: Vo

[edit] Feasts

[edit] Events

  • Hawaiian Shirt Competition, bring your best/worst!
  • Stilts was awakened into Horde!

[edit] Attendance:

[edit] Horde

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