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Ribs be pissed off at trash can because it trashy.

Name: Sh-Ribs The Utensilmancer (self titled).
Title(s): Chief of the Broken Bones Tribe, Bizniz Goblyn of the 2017 Nan Belegorn Elections, Sir Tainly-Not-Ribs
Nicknames: Ribzee, Ribes, Phesant (by Sigurd)
Realm: Nan Belegorn
Unit: Horde - Blooded on August 4th, Year of Blood at Monster Mash IV.
Race: Goblyn

Fighting Since: October 2014
Favorite Weapon Style: Board and Bat, random combos. like Spear and ball, daggers for dayz, a back shield and many, many more.


Ribs is a goblin belonging to the Broken Bones Tribe. He be one of the two chiefs of the tribe; he is in command of the Magic half of the tribe "sharing" the Chief title with Bones they argue over who should be more in charge.
Ribs is also the descendant of Rend the First Disciple of Clohaka. Once you are in the grasp of Clohaka you never leave going mad as time progresses, this is the curse of all who worship her. Ribs is often absent minded at times because of it.
Ribs and Bones had their fated meeting at Wolfpack 2016 joining forces under their common goal of killing all dee enemies of goblyns. They have grown close and wished to greaten goblyn kind with the revival of an old and forgotten tribe. Over the years Ribs has bonded with many other goblyns in the realms of Eriador such as Tonberry, Moxie, and Kazi and elsewhere and other monsters as well.
So far Ribs has become a Feral for horde under the ogre Sigurd, being a goblyn Ribs likes to fight around the realms of Eriador for gold and nicknaks . Otherwise Ribs aims high for a role of witchdoktor.

Events Attended: TA Halloween Event 2014,
Mel 2015,16,17
Okfest 2015, 16, 17
Wolfpack 2016,
Geddon 2016,
Prelude 2016
Rhün in June 2017, 18
Monster Mash 2018

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