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Race: Goblyn of the Snotling Tribe
Realm: Nomad/Valley of Ashes
Unit: Horde

Weapons of Choice: Sword and Board, Low Profile Spear, Flailentine and Back-shield, Wizard Stick
Fighting Since: Forever

About: Don't let your size fool you, Tonberry is a charismatic and fierce warrior - much like the rest of her Snotling kin. Tonberry is also quite skilled with a needle and fashions garb and banners for those of her realm of a quality rarely seen in Belegarth. In 2015, she was awarded the Order of the Shining Tower as recognition from Belegarth for her realm building and leadership skills. Next time you see this giant on the field turn and flee for she'll poke you full of many holes.

At Oktoberfest 2015 Tonberry became Khadar by drawing the blood of Khadine Kazi with a ferocity that shocked the tender-hearted pinkskins in the crowd. Kazi gave her until Oktoberfest of 2016 to complete her trials.
Tonberry completed her first trial, Reaving, at Winter Wars, by killing 340 enemies in only about about 3 1/2 hours of fighting, averaging 4.5 kills per life.
She completed her second trial, Rage, at Melcaorme by defeating 5 randomly-generated pairs while defending Witchdocktor Kazi from certain death.
The third trial, War, she with her Skryll killed 100 knights on the fighting field, being responsible for 50 of the kills herself.
For her fourth trial, Champions, she fought and defeated ten fighters in five elite pairs: Sir Skydd and Sir Kaiu of Dunharrow, Wolfenstein and Troll of Hellhammer, Khadar Shy and Hobbit of the EBF, Mekoot Darvax and Mek Atman of the Horde, and Khadine Kazi and Mekoot Gorlock of Nan Belegorn.
Finally, for her Crossroads she fought and killed all challengers. The event took "open invite" quite seriously apparently as it was at least 100 people. With the completion of all trials and her Crossroads, Tonberry became Khadine at Oktoberfest 2016.

Ton Berry's Khadine Crossroads:

Events Attended:
Like, too many man...

Goblyn spear ballet. Left: Bowser. Right: Tonberry.
Khadine Tonberry's Reaving Trial.
Tonberry finishes Crossroads and is now Khadine Tonberry!
Chaos Wars 2017
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