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The symbol of Skrybitt (from Witchdoctor Kazi's armor)


Skribbit was one of the five Great Goblyns, along with Reth, Sifu, Neb, and Baulk. These five goblyns were the first born into the world and had strength that rivaled or even exceeded many gods. Skribbit in particular was immensely powerful and dangerously unstable, even in life. He and Reth fought many times in ancient days and Reth, the First King, despite his own power, was unable to stand against Skribbit. The legend of Skribbit cannot be told without Sifu, however. Skribbit was completely infatuated with the beautiful Goblyn Queen from the first moment he saw her. He became her sworn sword and executed her will without question. However, when Situ was cursed to become the Queen of the Underworld, Skribbit's rage caused him to ascend to true godhood.

Today, Skribbit is known for many things. He is the God of Rage that all goblins call upon for strength in battle. He is revered by the Khadines who are considered his priests and offer red sacrifices on the battlefield in his name.


There are many stories of how Skribbit become God of Rage:

  • Some say, he got so pissed off one day and started raging everywhere dat Melashekhaad saw dis, and threw Skrbbit into dee ocean to cool off. But dat just make him more mad, so when Melashekhaad go to pick him up again, he stab dee huge god's hand with his dagger, and dee god actually feels it. Melashekhaad be HUGE, so if he feels dee stab off a mortal, he must be pretty strong. So Melashekhaad make him a god.
  • Other goblynz say no, when Melashekhaad throw him in ocean to cool off, Skribbit sink to bottom, but grab two octopi by der heads, an' he use dem to swim back to surface. He den go around an' rage an' slaughter across so many lands, until Melahshekaad finally say he too full of rage to live on dee earth. And make him a god.
  • A few witchdoktors say dat it be wen Sifu be tricked by dee underworld guardian an' trapped der for all eternity dat Skribbit lose his shit. He very loyal to her, an' he be overcome wit rage more den ever felt before in all his yeers of war. He shoot out of dee underworld like a green, blazing comet. Dee gods an' goblyns look up from der War (dee Great War), an' goblynz noh dey be lost. Skribbit land in sea, an' it boil. He fall to dee crust of earth, an' it melt around him. Mountains of fire rise in dee depths. Earth shake wit his rage, until it consume him, and he awake beyond dee world, as God of Rage known today.

It not matter. Point be, he God of Rage, an' Goblyns venerate him before a battle, to give them rage and a bloodthirst towards their enemies.

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