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Realm: Tir Asleen - Former Realm President - (Spring 2018 - Spring 2019)

Unit: Horde

Race: Goblyn

Fighting Since: 2014

Fighting Style: Sword and Board

Other Titles: First High Priest of the Church of Father Gorlock


"Qutar be young Goblyn living in forests surrounding Blood Valley, and cuz he not have tribe of his own, he be wanting to join dee Broken Bones tribe. As part of joinin’ rite, dee sly Goblyn called Bones throw big party in order to see wat dis youngling be made of. Poor youngling not noh wat he be in for. Bones feed Qutar many delicious sweets an’ drinks, an’ after a time, dee youngling become dizzy. World be wobbly, an’ before Qutar noh it, he find himself lying in dee cool grass, dark sky spread before his eyes. Qutar try to stand, but his limbs be weak an’ heavy. He hear footsteps approachin', an' blackness of de sky give way to a pair of even darker eyes staring into him. Dee female pull her face back an’ crack a toothy grin. She turn her head to dee side an’ a throng of braided hair fell over his face. Dee youngling try to flinch, but his head be too heavy. 'Dis one be perfect,' she murmured to another creature Qutar could not see. Dee greenskin female fade from view, an’ den reappear wit full waterskin in hand. Cool liquid pour down his throat an’ dat flashing smile be last t’ing dee greenskin youngling see.

Some time pass in darkness. Qutar lay in between dee edge of sleep and death until a voice pull him towards life again. 'Ay, are you alive?' Something be shaking his shoulder. Qutar groan wit effort an’ pull himself to his feet. Dee sound of water and wind fill his ears. 'Der be a river? Where be dis?' dee creature mutter as he peer over dee edge into dee moving water. He not remember wen he see dis river before. Maybe he not ever seen it? In dee reflection, Qutar be checking for wounds, but dee face in dee water not be familiar. No wounds to see, but dis face...he not be understanding it. Qutar be staring long time, until another face appear in dee water beside dee first, but dis one be smaller an’ female. It not speak, an’ just stare into dee water next to… his face? Qutar put hand to his face, an’ dee creature in water do dee same. Dis face must be his. Mind be fuzzy, memories be unsure. Both faces in water be covered in different colors of fur, but he t’ink dey pretty much be same. Dee female smile a little, showing her pointed teeth. Qutar still be confused, but wonder if dis creature and he be dee same kind. 'Wat be you?' he ask dee female creature. 'Cheshire is Khajiit, of course. Why do you ask this?' she responded in a smooth voice. Qutar shake his head. 'Qutar not remember. He not remember anything.'

Dee furry female looked him over again, an’ wit no warning, turned to walk away, her long tail swaying behind her, beckoning for dee confused Qutar to follow. 'Come. We must meet the Caravan.'

Dee strange 'Khajiit' be questioned by many elders of der Caravan, but wit no memory, dey agree he will be lost to dee wilds and likely die. So dey decide to let Qutar travel with dem. Time passes again, an’ while Qutar learn some Khajiit ways, he still not feel right with dis group. Somet’ing be wrong, but he not know wat. Qutar be hoping his mind be clear wit time.
More time pass, his fur grows longer, an’ Qutar wonder if maybe he be dee wrong one. Maybe dees be his people after all. Dey seem okay. Maybe it be okay to stay wit dem. He startin’ to accept dis concept when dee Caravan be attacked.

Long train of Khajiit be traveling through dee central plains, moving towards local human town. Caravans always hav’ guards, an’ Qutar not be good for much other den holdin’ a blade, so he be on dee rear guard. Soon before dusk, dee train slow an’ Khajiit t’ink dey must be stoppin’ to make camp for night. But den dey hear scuffles an’ odd silence. Other Khajiit around Qutar run to front to see what happen, leavin’ him to keep watch. Sudden flash of movement catch Qutar eyes in waning light, an’ he spin to dee treeline, dull blade drawn. Der be something in dee trees, but his eyes strain to see it. Dark skinned creatures smile at him, der teeth appear from nothing to laugh at him, and den one speak. 'Ey Bones, look at dis!'

Qutar realize it not be speakin’ tah him, an’ he tighten grip on weapon, but something hold him back, say he need to wait.

'Wat?' another voice rasped from dee dim. 'Der be stuff ta loot, wat Ribs want?'

'Lookin’ like we found dat younging wit dee furry curse,' dee first bark back, amused.

Qutar still be very confused during dis talk. Wat be dis about a curse? Sun be gone, an’ his eyes adjusting. He see dee outlines of dees kinda small but spiky-looking creatures. Dee first be tall an' thin, while dee one approaching be shorter, but hav bigger weapon an’ be wearin’ a funny hat. Second thing come to trees in front of Qutar, an’ it stare long time before bursting out laughing. 'He not be dead!' Den it grow quiet an' glance sideways at dee tall thing . 'Someone should go fetch her.'

Dee two glare at each other for a moment, an’ den dee tall one sigh an’ run wit long legs towards dee front of train again. Qutar realize it been real silent for long time now, an’ he wonder wat happen to dee rest of dee Khajiit. He hav’ funny feelin’ dat he noh, but for some reason, he not really care.

A third creature trail behind dee tall one, an’ after moment, Qutar realize it be female. She not be like dee others, be dressed in robes an’ wat look like many jangling bones. Dee female carry a staff, but she not need it to walk, an’ as she approach him, Qutar start to feel buzz of power. He not understand it, but his foot take step back anyway. She smile at him, pointed teeth glowing in darkness, an’ Qutar look into her eyes for dee first time, and he know dem.

Wave of fear wash through dee poor youngling’s body, an’ he remember. He fall back as dee Witchdoktor get closer an’ his hands scrape on dee hard earth. Dat grin grow wider still, an’ she cackle, 'Yes...fear be good sometimes. It teach younglings not to trust anyt’ing but der own blade.” He flinch at her words, but cannot look away from dat endless gaze. Another waterskin appeared from dee folds of her robes, an’ she drop it next to him on dee ground. 'Drink, an' dee lesson be complete.'

Qutar head be spinning, der be so many questions. He hesitate. Den der be dat dark green face next to his, an’ he feel dee pressure of small dagger at his throat. 'Drink,' it command. Qutar scramble to reach flask wit dat blade cuttin’ his tender flesh, an’ he gulp it down quick. Dee blade withdraw, an’ he can almost feel her grin, dee air be giving a slight crackle. Den only burning, his insides be burning! Dee warm liquid turn to fire in his belly, and he turn to dee side an’ wretch. Hot pain flash through his body and across his vision, and dee world begin to fade again. Dee other Goblyns come to watch as a familiar darkness consume him.

Qutar be awakened again later, not by a river like before, but dee cracklin’ of burning wood. His mind be cleared, an’ he remember wat happen before dee Khajiit found him. Rage fill his blood, an’ he jump to his feet to get answers, but dat little crackle in dee air stop him. Dee female once again be beside him, tending to dee fire, wit braids of hair strewn across her back. Qutar’s blood still be pumping, but he not have weapon, an’ he noh enough about majikz to noh dat she not need weapon to kill him where he be standin’. Dee Witchdoktor rise to her full height, which still be at Qutar’s shoulder, an’ she scoff at him. 'Take dat rage to dee battlefield, youngling. Not matter if Qutar not like dee methods, lesson be learned, an’ task be done,' she turned from him to leave dee hut, but her hand paused at the opening. He could hear a smirk in dee female’s tone as she spoke again. 'Welcome to dee tribe, youngling.'" -as told by Witchdoktor Galya

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