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A Class 4 Weapon, also known as a yellow weapon, is a missile weapon that is either loosed from the hand, in the case of javelins, or shot by a bow or crossbow, in the case of arrows. All armor, except for helms, is negated by these weapons.

Javelins are also Class 3 Weapons.




  • 1.4.7. Javelins must conform to all of the following:
    • Must also pass as a Class 3 Weapon.
    • The maximum weight is twenty-four (24) ounces.
    • The minimum length is four (4) feet.
    • The maximum length is seven (7) feet.
    • Padded along the entire length.
    • Must flex less than 90°. This is an exception to Appendix A, 1.3.5.
    • Must have a yellow cover.

  • 1.4.8. Archery Restrictions:
    • No compound bows or compound-crossbows.
    • The maximum poundage allowed on a bow is 35 lbs pull at 28 inches of draw.
    • The maximum poundage allowed on a crossbow is 15 lbs at its loaded draw.
    • A draw stop is required to prevent an arrow from being drawn more than 28 inches.
    • Arrow striking surfaces may not easily pass more than 0.5 inches through a 2.5 inch diameter hole. No part of the arrow’s striking surface may be less than 2.5 inches in any direction.
    • All arrows must contain a perpendicular penny secured at the end of the shaft.
    • The arrow’s striking surface must be constructed of open-cell foam.
    • All arrows must have at least two full fletching.
    • The striking surface of an arrow must be tape free.
    • The arrowhead should not have excess axial or lateral movement.

For additional weapon information, see also javelin, bow, and arrow


  • Class 4 (missile) Weapons cause two hits of Injury to a Target Area. A Class 4 Weapon striking an Armored portion of the Head causes no Injury.
  • 3.4.3. Subsequent hits to the same location:
    • All subsequent strikes with Class 3 or 4 Weapons on the same Target Area previously injured by a Class 3 or 4 Weapon are ignored.

Class 4 Weapons in Belegarth

Class 4 weapons are quite common on the Belegarth field. Javelins are most commonly thrown from one shield wall into another in hopes of catching an opponent off guard. Javelins are rarely used alone, and usually accompany a sword and board fighter. Archery is a stand alone style, and is quite common on the Belegarth field. Archers tend to stay behind a shield wall and either lob shots over the wall, or take more precise shots by utilizing the holes in a friendly shield wall to line up a shot with an opponent on the other side.

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