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Overview Class 3 (thrusting) Weapons wielded one-handed cause one hit of damage to an unarmored Target Area. Class 3 Weapons also cause two hits of damage when wielded two-handed against a Target Area, ignoring any Armor the Target Area may have. If the Target Area is armored, the Weapon must be wielded two-handed to cause damage to the Target Area. A one-handed strike causes no injury to an Armored Target Area.

1.2.3. Class 3 Weapons are marked with green tape on either the pommel or handle.

Class Three Weapons add an interesting element to the battlefield as they can give old weapons, like swords and staves, an added attack option; class three weapons can also exist as solely class three weapons, such as a spear, which can score valuble hits from a distance.

Class Three weapons have a nifty perk in that they can pierce through any kind of armor, provided that they are thrust two-handed. Unfortunately, a class three weapon is useless against a fully armored opponent if the wielder has only one arm.

One final word on Class Three weapons is that they do not disable limbs in the traditional way: Limbs hit by a Class Three weapon are unusable, but they do not count towards death by two disabled limbs ( A soldier can have all four limbs disabled by a Class Three Weapon and still be alive. These poor souls make excellent battle trophies.

Class 3 Weapon Rules:

-Class three weapons which are only class three, such as spears and daggers have no weight restrictions. (
-The handle on a class three weapon may not exceed 2/3 of its length. If your spear is six feet long, your handle may consume no more than 4 feet of the spear's overall length (
-In order to distinguish a spear from a javelin, no spears may have a yellow cover. Green is the prefered color for a spear cover.

Swords with stabbing tips

-A sword with a stabbing tip may be thrust as if it were a class three weapon and will inflict class three damage. When swung, it will inflict class 1 or 2 damage.

- If the Weapon has a semicircular tip with a minimum 1.5 inch radius, it is exempt from rule Appendix A, 1.3.3 which states that no striking surface may pass more that .5 inch through a 2.5 inch hole.

Double Ended Weapons

-Double ended weapons must have either two stabbing tips or none. Both of these tips will cause class three damage and must pass all of the requirements for a class three weapon. (


-A Javelin can inflict both class three and class four damage. -Javelins must pass a weapons check as thrusting safe.(
-Their weight may not exceed sixteen (16) ounces. (
-The minimum length for a Javelin is four (4) feet. (
-The maximum length is seven (7) feet. (
-All Javelins must be padded along their entire length, as any part of the javelin might hit an opponent when released.(
-Unlike spears, who may not have a yellow cover, javelins are required to have a yellow cover. (

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