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A Class 2 Weapon, also known as a red weapon, is a relatively large weapon that is swung in two hands. A class 2 weapon ignores armor and is capable of destroying a shield with two solid hits. A class 2 weapon swung with one hand is considered a class 1 weapon.




All Class 2 Weapons must conform to the following: The minimum length is forty-eight (48) inches. The minimum weight is twenty-four (24) ounces. The maximum handle length for Class 2 Weapons is eighteen (18) inches or one-third (1/3) of the overall length, whichever is greater. This cannot exceed one-half (1/2) of the overall length.

Damage Class 2 (two-handed) Weapons cause two hits of Injury to the Target Area.

Since armor only provides one additional hit to the covered area, this allows class 2 weapons to functionally ignore armor.

3.5.1. Shields can be destroyed by two solid strikes from a Class 2 Weapon. Subsequent strikes to a destroyed Shield continue into the Target Area on which the Shield is worn.

See main article: Shield-breaking hit.


Staves and Flails are never considered red weapons, regardless of length, except under local variants.


Since the only main requirement for a swung weapon to be class 2 is a 48" overall length, there are many different types of class two weapons. By far the most common on the field are glaives and large swords. Additionally, however, one will occasionally see large hammers, clubs, and axes, including poleaxes.

Class 2 Weapons in Belegarth

While class 2 weapons are often very appealing to newer fighters, and while many newer fighters find themselves intimidated and quickly killed by class 2 weapons, most experienced sword and board fighters quickly learn how to charge in on a red-wielder to kill them, often without suffering any worse harm than a single shield-breaking hit.

For this reason, most class 2 wielders learn to fight with one or more shorter-range partners who can protect them from a rush. While a red weapon at range has numerous advantages (shield-breaking, armor-ignoring, long reach, hard to parry), they are nearly useless offensively at close range. Relatedly, many red wielders learn to wear a buckler or slung shield and to carry an easily-drawn back-up weapon.

A shield of some sort is also a great boon against archers, who will often single out red weapon wielders due to their lack of protection and for the damage they can inflict on a shield line.

Many Class 2 weapons, particularly glaives, are also class 3 weapons.

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