Clan Stone Rain

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Clan Stone Rain


Koom Di' puts - Mountain Troll



Clan Stone Rain is a sub-section of the Horde led by Koom Di' puts. They are a full unit out in the realm of Daes De'mar. It is comprised primarily of flankers augmented with a hint of weight in the middle to run clean up. It is very common during Field Battles for Koom to yell for Stone Rain and run out to the sides for either a distraction for the main lines, or for a hard hit. Stone Rain is most dangerous when cornered. Their name derives from their Leader raining Rocks down on his unsuspecting foes.

Birth of Clan Stone Rain

One day Koom was wandering around a pillaged city when he heard a voice. The voice was comming from a small stuffed bear that belonged to a Pinky child. Koom was confused at first, but took the bear anyways and left. Soon the muffled voice became load and booming. It Told Koom that his name was Banzor, God of the Mountain Trolls. Well Koom listened as Banzor spoke to Koom and told him that he needed to go from realm to realm and unite all the Monsters under one Banner. Only this way can the Monsters over take back what is rightfully theirs. Soon after Koom metup with Izareth The Goblin King and High General of the Horde. Koom Joined very willingly and has still to this day been recruiting fellow monsters to fight with Clan Stone Rain under Horde banners.

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