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We have here Mohr'gak- Goblin, Smudge -also a goblin, and then Diyha Chass - Some Kind of Troll.
Snotbelly and Smudge at Armageddon VIII.

Real name: Angel Timms
Race: Goblin
Unit: Dead River Horde (Not Barrelled Yet)
Weapons of Choice: Teeth and Nails

Smudge is a little goblin that is not normally found on the field of battle. She can normally found snooping around the Horde seats. However when she does go to fight she can be extreamly deadly. Since she is so small she is often overlooked. This normally leads to a vicious backstab of death. She learned this trick from growing up with the Horde. She also helps at Daes De'mar as a co-founder with Mohr'gak.

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