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Daes De'mar

Daes is a small realm based in Hendersonville, TN. It is not based out of Belegarth, but runs off similar rules with a few minor changes. One of the biggest changes is that the age is capped. It is a Belegarth-type game for younger kids. The ages range from 10 up to 21. There are a few younger Kids with serious consideration. (One 8 year old that beat Slaug and Krieger in a javelin contest. There are also a few older with serious consideration, such as Koom Di' Puts. Main reason of the game is to give the kids something to do. A good point to this game is that they get trained up, so that when they come out to Belegarth they might be better than the average newcomer.

This game was founded and is currently run by a council of members headed by Smudge and Mohr'gak.

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