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Slaug is Real Name: Michael Thomas Rummage

Name: Slaug Solifidian, The Brother

Race: Githzerai

Place of Birth: Arsanith

History: Slaug Solifidian, The Brother, was a High Zerth of The Githzerai. Ancient among his people, he is rumored to be Githvyrik, such is his mastery of Zerthi. Some say he is older than Zaerith Menyar-Ag-Gith, in hushed tones and whispers throughout the Chaos of Limbo. Ten thousand years after The Pronouncement of Two Skies, Slaug tired of the divisive nature of his people, the petty blood-fued with the Githyanki, and bid farewell to the magnificent Monastery of Arsanith, and with his stolen Silver Sword, cut his way into the Dimension of Man. His mind sought stillness, his heart sought combat, and so he came to the Keep of The Brotherhood of The Falcon. They showed him acceptance, guidance, support, and True Brotherhood. After a year of pledging his dedication, he became a part of the unmatched legion that cannot be conquered and took on the name Solifidian; One who believes he can be saved by faith alone. With all of his faith upon his Brothers, he knew this to be true.

Unit: Brotherhood of The Falcon

Weapons Style: Sword and Board,ball and wall red and Florentine.

Slaug was the Lucky one who got to lay the beating on Dagganoth that he so greatly Deserved.

Then......and now! Redbattle.jpg

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