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There are only four Mountain Trolls ever known to have come down from the mountains. Their time with us was short, but as with all things, they have moved on beyond the common lands of Belegarth to places unknown.

Note: There are no active mountain trolls in current day, however, if you would like to portray this race, feel free to do so!

The Mountain troll is easily identified from hat trolls by two things one the size whereas hat troll are lanky and tall the mountain troll is massive almost to the size of bugbears and are in fact stronger than bugbears though not as good at the arts of war the easiest way to identify mountain trolls is they always bear their upper arms as a sign of strength as proclaimed by Koom's God Banzor. He stated that all mountain Trolls should bear their arms for 7 years as a sign of strength against the Sun. The 7 years is more than likely up, but trolls are not too good with numbers and Koom has already forgotten.


Mountain Troll Lore

Mountain Trolls have a sour distaste to Goblins and Will normally not fight to close to them. Long ago Mountain Trolls were slaves to the Goblin tribes and used as War Slaves. During one of the Goblin Tribe meeting, there was an argument. It soon broke out to a fight *1. A goblin from each Tribe decided to use their Trolls to fight*2. Well when the Trolls were unleashed, all they saw were goblins. So After all the Goblins were Dead the two trolls looked at each other and said "That was fun…lets find some more." One Troll went to the Mountains, The other it is rumored went to the north. This is the birth of the Mountain Trolls and Hat Trolls.

How Mountain Trolls Got Their Names

The story on how The Mountain Trolls Known in some circles as the Real Trolls is an interesting one. It starts back during the Gobyn reign, also known as the Blindfolded era. The Goblyns would carve what they thought of the Trolls in their skin. Some would have very nastey things, others would have runes and spells put on them. When the Trolls of old broke free from their Goblyn captors, they wandered in many different directions. Once a Troll wandered by a reflective surface, they would see their names written on their skin. Some Trolls would Keep these symbols hidden, to hide that they were once slaves. Others would show and use their names as a sign of disrespect to all those that would try to enslave any Monster race.


Long ago during one of Koom's travells he came across a town. Everyone knows that a Mountain Troll has to eat. So Koom does what any good mountain Troll would do... Pillage! Everything was going good... Pinkies screaming... Pinkies cooking...wide spread panic... you know... the usual things. Well Koom was digging through one of the pinky lairs when he came across a room full of fluffy animals. Koom was a lil distraught at first. He saw fluffy lions, and soft lizards. Now see Koom thinks he understands. Young goblins have little pinkies to play with when they are bored. This must be the pinky version of playthings. Koom was about to leave when he thinks he hears his name being called. He looks back and he sees a small stuffed bear looking at him. Koom gets down on all fours and is staring at this bear when he knows he hears his name this time. Well Koom is not sure what to do so he picks up the bear and shakes it until it speaks again. "Koom... I am your God, Banzor the Strong. You will do as I say." Well Koom has heard many different stories as to the creation of Trolls... But he has never heard the Name Banzor before, so he shakes the bear and yells at it. "If you are God... Prove It!" As Koom says this, A rock flies in through the window and hits koom in the head. (This is also what gave Koom the idea to use rocks as weapons.) Well Kooom raises the bear high and shouts, "You are God... what do I do to Honor Koom's God!" Banzor tells Koom that he needs to bear his arms to Strength of the Sun. As Soon as Banzor is done speaking... Koom Rips the sleaves from his arms. But Banzor is not done. "Now Koom, I have a great mission for you. You must leave this town. Once you do you must embark on a quest. You must Unite all monsters under one banner and destroy the pinkies for good." Koom nods, grabs the bear and leaves the town ready to embark on his quest. As he is leaving the town, Izareth The Great Horde Commander jumps out from behind a tree (Kinda close to the lair Koom was just in) and Looks at Koom. "Koom" He says, "You must join the Horde, Help me unite all the monsters and destroy the pinkies." Well this is just what Banzor had described. So Koom took up the Horde Banner and has been fighting with them since.

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