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Banzor is the unofficial Mountain Troll God. He was founded by Koom Di' puts, a Commander of the Dead River Horde. The history of his founding ties into the Birth of Clan Stone Rain. Once it was shown that his name holds great powers. At a past Equinox all of Koom's weapons were being failed, just by name alone. After several were "Failed", Koom was hit with an idea. The next time a marshal asked "Who's weapon is this?" Koom yelled out, "Banzor, you know the little guy from up north!" They said "ok... its fine..." You can't buy that kind of power, (Unless the Herald is a member of DA)

  • It is rumored that Banzor is really just Izareth behind a tree with a megaphone. Using this "God" to continue to control Koom.
  • More information could be found at Mountain Troll Lore
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