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Scary, right?

An Elemental is a catch-all term for creatures composed largely or entirely of a specific elemental type. They range from Giants like the Jotunheim (Ice Giants) to pure Elementals such as water spirits.


Biology and Appearance

Rather than a single species the Elemental is a general term for any creature where a specific element is the main part of their being. Elementals are usually created one of 5 ways:

1- Divine Creation - A temple guardian of a Water god. The messenger of a god of Thunder, an enforcer for a Fire god. It is not uncommon for an Elemental god to use some of their element to serve as a vessel of their will on the mortal plane.

2- Mortal Creations - Most often the creation of a mad wizard, Atronauchs and Golems are often created as guards or soldiers, but find themselves free to roam the world with the death of their Mortal Creator.

3- Spontaneous Creations - Some creatures, such as the Lightning Sprites that live in storm clouds, or various forest spirits aren’t seemingly attached to any god or mortal in particular, but in Nature itself.

4- Transformation - Wizards, Gods, or Nature Spirits may sometimes transform a mortal INTO an Element. These creatures began as species such as gnomes, humans, goblins, or trolls but are transformed, often (but not always) against their will. Swamps and marshlands are particularly famous for forced transformations with the creation of Swamp monsters. Voluntary transformations do also happen, though much more rarely - such as a Water god honoring the last wish of a human sailor who dedicated her life to the study and love of the sea by turning her into a Water Elemental upon her death.

5- Creatures from an Elemental Plane - What we consider the mortal realm is just a single plane in a multiverse of existence. Beyond the mortal realm lies lands such Jotunheimr (land of the Frost Giants) to Musphelheim (Land of the Fire Giants) to realms of pure elemental power such as the Storm Realm where only creatures of pure storm can exist. Creatures from these realms may visit the Mortal Realm for any number of reasons, and are sometimes mistaken for gods.

Culture and History

Elementals do not possess a unifying culture of any significant source. On the Mortal Plane civilizations made purely of Elementals are exceedingly rare, but examples of Elementals can be found in the history and legends of almost every mortal race.

For reasons currently unknown the valley of Stygia possesses an unusually high percentage of known Elementals in the mortal plane.

Personality and Traits

The defining personality trait of Elementals as a whole seems to mostly be a lack of understanding of some of the basic functions of the Mortal Realm. Simple concepts such as death are often confusing to Elementals, who can often reform over time if too grievously wounded.

Elementals are often considered blunt or rude by other races, lacking knowledge of many of the basic manners and etiquettes of various races.

Most Elementals share traits with the element of their composure, though how that manifests and which elemental traits take precedence depends on the individual. For example a fire elemental may be brash and hot headed, or they might be welcoming and warm.

Despite a lack of any long standing culture, Elementals on the mortal plane have been banding together more often, and creating traditions of their own.


Much like their personality the physical appearance of Elementals are often directly based off their Element.

Elementals often (but not always) have their Element physically spelled out somewhere on their body or garments.

Elementals are often excited to attempt to replicate mortal style, but they aren’t particularly good at it. They may choose odd colors, strange inspirations, or borrow from multiple cultures.

Relationships with Other Species

For the most part Elementals show a complete lack of understanding of Mortal life. While they often have a single goal or code that they obsessively pursue, most things outside of that goal are viewed with a somewhat light hearted confusion and curiosity about the world.

Elementals in general have a very positive relationship with Monsters, their limited understanding of mortality blending well with the sometimes extreme violence of these species.

While not as directly violent in their relationship with pinkies as most monsters, Elementals often find themselves exasperated with the “stuffiness” of Pink culture.


"After spending months trying to precisely define the difference between a Storm Lord and a Swamp Thing and a Frost Giant, I finally decided ‘Damn it all’ and lumped all of them together as Elemental."
- Lord Puppington the Third in his book “The species of the Stygian Valley”

"Fundamental forces of nature, ALIVE!"

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