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"In the time before time, The Almighty created the world. The need for protectors was high. The Almighty created sons and daughters to keep the world safe. All life was created; beasts, birds, fish, man, and woman. The Sons and Daughters were instructed to not interact with the creatures dwelling there, but to only observe and protect. This earned them the title of "Watchers". As the creatures of this world grew and prospered, the Watchers gazed upon them and observed their beauty.

Some of the Watchers, mostly the males, sought after the women of the world as they began to feel love for them. It wasn't long before the women of the earth became heavy with child. Once the children were born, they were large, incredibly strong, and able to do amazing things. These men were called giants by many, but by a few they were referred to as Nephilim.

The Nephilim spread far and wide on the earth. Wherever they settled, they became pillars of the area. Their status in those areas brought them many great things; women, food, shelter, power, to name a few. When the Nephilim coupled with the women of the area, children came out no larger than the children already being born. However, these children were different, to say the least.

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