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"You know that feeling you get when the void stares back? ...That's just me." - whisper heard by famed nihilist philosopher Gina DeMort excerpted from her book "The Pointlessness of Everything"

In the emptiness between the realms of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Life, and Death exists a place spoken about only in hushed and reverent whispers:

The Void. The Great Black. The Home of All Creation.

This is the home plane of the rare and terrifying Space Elementals. While Space Elementals are so rare that it is hard to find much information on them at all, we will attempt to at least give what is currently known and what legends tell on the subject.

Chiefly, Space Elementals are unique in many ways from other Elementals, the first being that they have no opposite group of Elementals. This is because they are already their own opposite.

This is because Space Elementals are at once Nothing and Everything.

They embody the vast empty space between the particles of matter, the uncountable distances between one heavenly body and another, the Nothingness that existed before in time before Time... and yet...

They - simultaneously - embody the very spark of Creation itself, not the mere spark of Life, but of Everything. The powers of both creation and nullification possessed by a Space Elemental are truly awesome and frightening.

There are legends that say that Space Elementals are the most powerful of all Elementals because they can create and destroy on a whim. It is said that all the other fundamental building blocks of existence, including all the other elements, were originally created within the endless Void.

(Some even legends say that the Creator gods of other species may have in fact been Space Elementals all along. We will likely never know for sure however as Space Elementals appear very rarely and are often so disconnected from the mindset that mortals have that conversation can be incredibly difficult.)

Even among the other Elementals there is a reverence and deference given to Space Elementals. This may be because of fragmented implications of "ascendence" to Space Elemental-dom in some ancient Elemental folk tales. No one knows for sure whether this is simply mistranslation, myth, or more...


Space Elementals are extremely rare and absolutely astounding to behold. Those who have see them never forget the sight.

Some legends say they are made of a void so deep and black they seem to suck the light around them into themselves, yet never get any brighter. Other legends say they appear as vast colorful plasma nebulae constantly shifting and spawning whole galaxies behind them. Of course, it may be that both of these legends are true and that not all Space Elementals appear exactly alike. That would indeed fit the pattern of individuality exhibited by other Elementals.

Whatever they look like, it is said that their presence can make one somehow feel infinitely small AND infinitely large at the same time. This is VERY disconcerting for mortal creatures who lack the ability to comprehend such distances and eons of time.


The origins of Space Elementals are far more mysterious than any other Elemental. Some may appear when an especially powerful wizard requests their presence but Space Elementals can never be said to truly be "summoned". They appear when they wish and go when they wish. Some have appeared in times of great imbalance or when the fabric of existence itself was being shredded by some catastrophic magical event. Some simply appear out of the void of space for reasons no one can comprehend. Some are so old they simply do not remember a time they did not exist. Each elemental has their own unique story and evolution from one part of their journey to another, but Space Elementals are by far the most mysterious of all.

Known Space Elementals

None listed at this time.

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