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Alachi at Oktoberfest 2012

Alachi at Armageddon 2013

Alachi and Sigurd Oktoberfest 2014.


Other Titles: (Doge) Duke / Supreme Chancellor / Retainer / Former President of Tir Asleen / El Presidente / The First of the Mountain Orks
Race: Mountain Ork
Realm: Tir Asleen
Unit: Horde

Weapons of Choice: Sword and Board & spear
Fighting Since: 2011, inactive since ~2015

Alachi has been fighting only a short while but has shown incredible growth in his skills and abilities. In Tir Asleen he is a respected member of the fighting force. Alachi is a honest, encouraging, and humorous orc. These qualities have drawn the new recruits of Tir Asleen to him for advice and support which he gladly gives.

Alachi's equipment and garb are whatever colors he happens to have at the time. However his bright red shield is a rally point during realm battles for Tir Asleen.

At events Alachi can be found dwelling in the Horde camp. If not he may be wherever the biggest fire burns and the most food is being given. Also he is always on a search for the legendary third feast.

Alachi was barreled at Spring Wars 2014. The entire Horde mobilized searching for him. But lo and behold his ork butt was napping in his tent. Dragged from his dreams of sugar skulls and sweet man flesh, Alachi fought with exhausting ferocity and was welcomed as a full member.

Events Attended:

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