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Sigurd Thur (Svarr Hav'thur)

Sigurd at Okfest 2015
Sigurd at Okfest 2013

Other Titles:

  • Shaman of Utezni
  • Shit-Storm
  • Herald of Storms
  • Marshal of Tir Asleen (2013-2015)
  • Jarl of the Húskarlar (formerly)

Race: Ogre

  • Instructed by Ghanima Shaman of Una, proven Shaman of Utezni at Oktoberfest 2015

Realm: Tir Asleen
Unit: Horde

  • Barreled Friday, October 10th, Year of Blood at Oktoberfest 2014
  • Scarred at Oktoberfest 2014 with Blood-Brother Alachi
  • Enlightened at Oktoberfest 2015
  • Scarred at Oktoberfest 2016 with Blood-Brother Mekoot Atman

Other Affiliations:

Weapons of Choice: Greatsword, Club/Sword and Board
Fighting Since: Fall 2012

About: Sigurd has a way with names and lore and has come to know many more people than even more experienced fighters. Sigurd is always willing to learn how to better his combat and arsenal. He is a loyal warrior. Like any good Norseman (and ogre apparently), Sigurd ignores the cold.

I'm pretty sure if you complete the "jump a glaive" ceremony, it means you're married, right?

Sigurd first learned the sport of Bel in Tir Asleen. Originally he was entirely devoted to the red sword but eventually found love for sword and board (which he is much better at). He was elected Marshal (secretary) in the Spring of 2013. That fall, first Ursyne then Gorlock convinced Sigurd of his ogre-ness. Shortly after Gorlock offered a sponsorship into Horde. Finally after Spring Wars 2014 he accepted and completed his Prana'kai of Awakening at Oktoberfest 2014. His challenges included wrestling Ursyne and defeating the pair of Gorlock and Inanna. During that final fight Sigurd kicked Gorlock's boot and broke a toe. The same day he fought a exceptionally long day of heralded battles with Alachi to complete his Prana'kai of Blood. In the coming weeks he recruited Bones - a golbyn - as his feral.

Sigurd decided not to run for reelection in spring 2015 preferring that one of the able bodied new folk take his place. Bones, his then feral, succeeded him as marshal.

In the next year Sigurd focused greatly on lore and worked with Ghanima to kindle a ogre cultural revitalization. At Oktoberfest 2015 Sigurd underwent the shaman rites (the first structured rites for his race) organized by Shaman Ghanima. Afterward he took on the title of Shaman of Utezni and continues to expand ogre lore and culture.

As shaman, he devised and implemented chieftain trials and named Gorlock chieftain of the Karanduawn, the first official ogre chieftain.

Ribbs, tribemate of Bones, was Sigurd's second feral.


Sigurd and Alachi at Oktoberfest 2014.
Sigurd using Sword and Board: Melcaorme XI 2013

Events Attended

-Oktoberfest 2012 forever remembered as Sucktoberfest
-Eriador Halloween 2012
-Wolfpack Opener 2013
-Spring War 2013: the year of the Fiat battle and the love of the Montana Lady.
-Melcaorme XII: Birth of the Güv Log.
-June Eriador Event
-Prelude I
-Oktoberfest 2013
-Eriador Halloween Event 2013
-Wolfpack Opener 2014
-Spring Wars 2014
-Melcaorme XIII
-Bear Brawl 2014
-Prelude II
-Oktoberfest 2014
-Eriador Halloween Event 2014
-Hyboria Opener 2015
-Beltain XXI Warlords, Rock Tournament Champion
-Melcaorme Q
-Monster Mash
-Prelude III: Plowshares into Swords
-Oktoberfest 2015
-Melcaorme BS: Meadcaorme
-Prelude IV
-Oktoberfest 2016
-Melcaorme: Homecoming


-Melcaorme 2018 -Monster Mash: Rise of the Pinkies 2018

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