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Our Savior
Our Hero
Our God
God Squad's arch nemeses.

A jape-tastic pseudounit started by Onion and Tesla with tons of help from Fideal and Trunks.

MEMBERS (as of 5/25/17)

Kick Ass Copernicus - Trunks

Gnarly Newton - Char

Madcap Maxwell - Zel

Belligerent Bill Nye - Stich

Pulverizer Pavlov - Daggar

Awesome Archimedes - Ark

Tesla the Nerve Tickler - Tesla

Killer Kinsey - Onion

Ruthless Rosalind - Ryder

Galactic Galileo - Dyre

Darwin the Denier - Vansen

Pernicious Pythagoras - Rumble

Tyson the Terror - Temo

Furious Faraday - Sunshine

Medieval Mendel - Rotten

Hashtag Haizenberg - Aizen

Humble Hubble - Thalin

Disco Descartes - Staff

My Body Hertz - Nutshot

Mangler Mengele - Finn

Aristotle's Heel - Mimi

Evil Edison - Paksha

Calamity Clark - Silo

Fucking Freud - Kord

Naughty Nobel - Tink

Fat Albert - Bael

George Slashington Carver - Amazon

Diabolical Da Vinci - Kanon

Marie Fury - Corin

G.I. Jane Goodall - Lizzy

God Squad V. Science Alliance at Battle for the Ring 2016(VIII)
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